Who Says Your Not “Natural” If You Color Your Hair??

This topic is something that really both gets on my nerves and angers me. You would be surprised if you saw the many inbox messages I receive on social media telling me that I’m not really “natural” because I color my hair! 

First let me say that I find this theory to be utterly dumb. Being natural is not chemically altering your texture which I do not. I rock my natural curls and coils everyday I just choose to color my hair on a regular basis. I use no bleach(and there is nothing wrong with doing so) no permanent dyes and only TEMPORARY color methods. My hair is at it’s healthiest it’s ever been even with coloring my hair.

I choose not to use bleach because prior to me going natural I had ruined my curl pattern by consistently using harsh dyes on my hair. I don’t want to use anymore harsh chemicals on my hair in fear it will effect my curl pattern but that doesn’t mean someone that does use bleach is not natural. I have seen dozens of Beautiful Naturalistas that have used bleach and still maintain a beautiful head of natural healthy hair.

Now if the chemicals you are using to color your hair alter your natural hair pattern then maybe then I would say you are not “natural”. Being natural to me is all about rocking your god given texture without any chemical interference

What bothers me is that some folks whom I refer to as “natural hair extremists” want you to be natural by their rules and not your own. Don’t use this product cause it has this in it or don’t use this product cause it only works on a specific hair type. Who is anyone to tell you what you can or cannot use or do to your hair. Being natural is all trial and error and you have to find what works for you. One of the things I most enjoy about being natural is the freedom in doing so and with that being said you CAN and SHOULD rock your natural however you see fit!

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