What Would You Do??

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I came across this photo on social media and it really struck a cord with me. Aside from the fact of what this girl and her mother have gone through and what it makes you feel like you would do if put in this situation but it also brought up a bad memory of me as a young girl being natural.
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When I was young having big bushy curly hair was not the move. I would get picked on all the time and it really made me convince my mom to perm my hair. I remember being about 12-13 years old and my mom sent me to Texas to stay with my aunt for a couple weeks in the summer. My Aunt decided to perm my hair while I was there all the while telling me how much more cute I would be with out that big bushy out of control hair. A part of me was sad because she was talking bad about me and my hair but the other part was happy with the thought that I would soon have straight “normal” hair. I don’t remember the name of the perm she put in my hair but I do know that it was a kiddie perm so it really didn’t do much to tame my hair. I mean it would be straight but it would still be big. I remember my Aunt’s friend coming over and talking bad about my hair to my aunt right in front of my face. She said things like well I guess it won’t enough chemicals to tame all these naps, and look how big it still is she looks like an old lady. I remember feeling so bad about myself and crying that night thinking about the things that this so called “friend of my aunts” had to say about me. I was mad at this random lady for making me feel this way and mad at my aunt for not sticking up for me. It really helped add on to me being ashamed of my hair and I later grew to hate the bigness of it. It took me years later and being a grown woman to love my hair for what it is, bigness and all.

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I would pay money to see this old friend of my aunts face now!

But back to the picture of the young lady and what her step mother did  I feel like the step mother was wrong and she shouldn’t have made any decision about someone else’s daughter without contacting the mother first. Her response back to the mother was just a fight ready to happen.

I would love to hear what you ladies would do if put in this situation below in the comments.



  • The step-mom was wrong my mother didnt play that with my fathers lady friends. They were flat out not allowed to touch my hair so my father had to braid and do my hair. Other than a phsyical fight with i do not suggest there isnt much she can do to watch her child while she is with the father. The only thing to do now is the father should apologize to his daughter and her assure her that she is beautiful and smart and a good person he should also apologize on behalf of his new wife and himself for not being involved more when she is staying with him.

  • Hey Tash! I’m really interested in dying my hair & I’ve recently bleached my hair & dyed it purple back in September. I have braids in right now as a protective style but I was wondering when would be the appropriate time to dye my hair again & if I should stick with that color.

    • naturallytash

      You could do a deep conditioning color as soon as you take the braids out. It will both condition your hair and add color!

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