What is Deep Conditioning Color?

Deep conditioning color is a method I came up with to temporarily color your hair for up to a  month. I mix a temporary hair dye such as Splat or Adore into my Mane and Tail conditioner and I let it sit in my hair under a plastic cap up to two hours. Deep conditioning color is best used with mane and tail conditioner but any temporary color can be used. It is best to mix about a cup and a half of conditioner with the temporary color if you are doing your entire head. The color will last you a month without refreshing the color but if you choose to keep it longer you can refresh after every two weeks.




Prior to the first time I tried deep conditioning color I naturally lightened my hair to a light brown but using cinnamon and honey treatments as seen in the video below. It took me about 5 times over a 3 month period to really achieve a light brown color.


Below the first pic is my hair prior to deep conditioning color and the rest are  some colors I have tried with Deep Conditioning Color so far:

photo (29)



  • Should I use mane n tail or the Aussie moist three minute miracle that you used in your splat blue crush video?

  • Hi! My hair is naturally very dark brown but I’ve box dyed it a few times and now it is a mixture of sandy brown in some places and golden blonde in other places. I am worried that if I try the deep conditioning coloring, the color won’t ever completely wash out because the blonde pieces of my hair are stripped and porous from the box dye. I tried the L’oreal liquid hair chalk thing in a pink color and even after several washes, a few of my blonde pieces are still tinted a strawberry blonde cuz the color I guess bonded to my hair, and that wasn’t even a real dye! So my question is, do you think this method would be safe for someone like me to use, if I want the color to wash back out to my current color afterward? I don’t want my hair to be permanently tinted another color! I know this post is old but I really hope you see this and have time to answer! 🙂

    • naturallytash

      You can pull out all of the old colors that may tint with color oops color prep. Even the liquid chalk that I am very surprised lasted so long in your hair. I would say you could still use the deep conditioning color method because adore dyes will wash out on their own after time and if the color stains you can use the color prep to pull out the remaining color.

  • hi tash,
    i just did the honey & cinnamon method for the first time, (currently waiting to wash it out)
    and i read your info about the vitamin c method. how long should i wait before trying the vitamin c method?

  • Hi with the two ways to lighten your hair which one give the best results/works the fastest and how long do u have to wait to do it again if the first time did not get your hair as light as u want it

    • naturallytash

      The faster way would be the vitamin c method and you could do it every time you wash. The cinnamon and honey treatments will take much longer. I did them twice a month for a year to get my results.

  • I have dark brown hair. I think im like a 3c on a good day but 4a mostly. I used to bleach my hair and press it out all the time to and stopped after I had my child. So which method would you recommend the cinnamon and honey or the vitamin C and shampoo?

    • naturallytash

      I would say the cinnamon and honey because it takes longer and it would be better to do it this way but you won’t see results right away. Do it twice a month until you reach your desired color.

  • Hey, I was wondering if i could use any conditioner? or is Mane & tail better?

    • naturallytash

      You can use any condish just make sure its light in color like white or yellow. When you mix the temporary color into the condish make sure it becomes the color you are trying to achieve. It becomes like a dark brown or something like that don’t use it!!

  • Hey I was wondering if I could do the vitamin c and dandruff lighten and deep condish color in the same day?

  • Hey! I really want to do this my mom doesn’t want me to permanently dye my hair so this would be perfect for me. When using adore do I still follow the same step as Splatz? (adore has more colors I’d like.)

  • Tash, can you sit under the dryer for faster results?

  • Hi I love your hair! I have dyed my hair with a permanent jet black dye last year do you think the vitamin c pack and shampoo will lighten that to a brown? And also where did you purchase those vitamin c packs?? Thank you!! xo

    • naturallytash

      Hello and thank you. Yes this method will pull the black out of you hair it just may take a few trys to get it completely gone. I found the packs at walgreens, but i know walmart carries them as well!

  • Hi, I have dark hair…I am really afraid of bleaching & I stopped using perms/relaxers over 3 years ago. I have used the Adore Indigo Blue but it doesnt give me that blue tint I am looking for. While the Mane & Tail + Adore mix give my dark hair a better result?

    • naturallytash

      I think that you would be best off trying the vitamin c and dandruff shampoo method to naturally lighten your hair. Once you do that a few times then I would retry the indigo blue and condish method.

  • So my hair is a golden blonde and I really want to try blue hair. So if I do this method will it eventually wash out and go back to my regular golden blonde ? I’m afraid I’m going to miss my blonde

    • naturallytash

      Yes your hair will return to the blond but it will take up to a month to completely wash out. You could also use the splat washables in blue to try the blue in your hair and that will wash out in one shampoo!

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