What is Crown Paint?

To all my true blue followers who are more than excited about my January 30 2018 Crown Paint Hair Shadow launch I want to give you the most sincerest thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am sooo excited to get this hair product out to all of you. With that being said it has come to my attention that I still have tons of folks who have no idea what Crown Paint or Hair Shadow is. 

*Hair Shadow is like make up for the hair. Like “eye” shadow is made for the eyelids “hair” shadow is made for the hair. In the beginning I used both powder and cream eye shadows in my hair to create temporary color highlights. After growing tired of using the same colors over and over I moved on to making my own colors which I have named Crown Paint. Here are a few frequently asked questions about Crown Paint and the Crown Paint Hair Shadow Launch.

  • How long does Crown Paint last? Crown Paint hair shadow will last until you shampoo but the color will fade some each day. You can always reapply to refresh the color but you must keep in mind that the colors are VERY temporary.
  • How do you apply it? To apply Crown Paint its best to use your bare hands. Wearing gloves will not work because when rubbing the product in if wearing gloves you will simply be rubbing the product into the gloves. Prepare for your hands to get dirty but don’t worry it will wash off very easily when done. Simply dip some of the product out with your pointer finger and rub it between your pointer and thumb. Next grab a section of hair between those two fingers and rub it in, in a doward motion. Rubbing the product in is key and if you see any clumps of color/product in the hair continue to rub it in. When applying crown paint it should be the “last” product you apply to your hair and your hair should be completely dry before application. If the color isn’t as vibrant as you desire you can reapply more to that same section of hair. I also would not recommend flat ironing your hair with the product in it. If you choose to flat iron put the color in after. Here is a video of me applying Crown Paint: 
  • What Colors will be available January 30th? The first two colors to be released will be Regal Orange and Supreme Purple. These were the two most sought after colors from the Crown Paint survey. After that two new colors will be released every other month.
  • I’ve seen a few ladies on Instagram who have tried Crown Paint how did they get some? A few months ago I did a mini contest on my IG live looking for ladies to try out a sample of Crown Paint. This is how they were able to try out the product before the actual launch.
  • When and where will Crown Paint be available for purchase? January 30,2018 and right here on this website.
  • How much will it cost? 1 for $15 and 2 for $25
  • Can Crown Paint be used as eye shadow? No! Crown Paint hair shadow is made for your hair and although it is non toxic is is NOT meant to be worn/used around the eyes.
  • What is the shelf life for Crown Paint? 6-8 weeks. The product can still be used after that but it may stiffen some and become harder to rub into the hair.
  • Is Crown Paint messy? Will it transfer on to your clothes, pillowcases, sheets, etc..? Yes! Crown Paint is VERY temporary therefore you should expect some transfer. However depending on how much of the Crown Paint you use, where you use it, and how long your hair is will determine how much transfer you will have. Avoid wearing white if your hair is long and you have applied the Crown Paint to the ends of your hair because the color will transfer if it is consistently rubbing onto your clothes. If you only use a little on your hair and your hair does not hit your shoulders you should have minimum to no transfer. I tie my hair up at night so I have never had any of the color transfer onto my sheets or pillowcases. 
  • Will Crown Paint work on any texture hair? Yes! It doesn’t matter if your hair is natural, relaxed, wavy, straight etc.. it will work on all textures. You just have to make sure to apply Crown Paint to dry hair. If you are putting products into your hair prior to applying Crown Paint just make sure that those products have dried completely before application.
  • My hair is Black or Dark in color will Crown Paint work on my hair or do I need to pre-lighten my hair first? Crown Paint will work on any color hair. The colors may look different on black hair than it may look on blond but the color will show up on top of either color. No you do not need to pre-lighten your hair to use Crown Paint. Crown Paint hair shadows sit on top of the hair and are very temporary so no pre-lightening is ever needed.

Is there a specific question you have about Crown Paint that I did not answer above?  If you drop me your Question under this post and I will answer it for you! I am soo excited about this launch so much so that the date of my launch Jan. 30 2018 is also my Birthday! Stay tuned everyone!!


  • Will this dry my hair out? I don’t want to outright ask your ingredients (as I’m sure they’re special and private) but I just want to make sure I’m not looking at frightening ends on my 4B hair in the next month.

    • naturallytash

      This is a great question! Aside from the pigment powder my cream base it made with natural ingredients that are both smooth to apply to the hair and wont dry you hair out. Think of it as almost a colored cream made for your hair. Plus with it being temporary it sits on top of the hair and wont cause it to become hard or brittle like a temporary color spray or gel would do.

  • What other colors are you planning on launching?

    Hopefully blue/red/green!

    • naturallytash

      I will be launching a ton of colors in the coming months including different shades of blue, red and green!

  • How much crown paint comes in the container?

  • First of all I’m so excited I love u this is what I’ve been waiting for

  • Hi! Do you plan to offer international shipping?

  • Dominique Belgrave

    Will you ship to the UK? Apologies if you answered and I missed this

  • Dominique Belgrave

    Will your ship to the UK. Apologies if you answered and I missed this

  • Elizabeth Dorsett

    I would like to order but I don’t know how

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