*WeareOnyx April Box Review*


This month’s WEAREONYX box featured all full size Lottabody products:

  • Curl and Style Milk
  • Wrap me Foaming Mousse
  • Control Me Edge Control
  • Shape Me Custard Gel
  • Love me 5 n 1 Leave in Condish
  • Lottabody Printed Satin Scarf

I was inspired to try a Rod set since I hadn’t done one in awhile and receiving these products it seemed like it was the perfect time.


I used the above three products to create my rod set style.

I started on freshly washed and conditioned hair. Next I applied the 5 n 1 Leave in Condish in sections and then twisted the one section a couple times at the very top. Then I applied the Wrap me foaming mousse and then the shape me custard gelee right before I rolled up the section. I did this until all sections were done.

IMG_5970 IMG_5972

I let them sit overnight and in the morning I took them out.


Upon taking them out I realized that some were not completely dry so I had to blow dry the rest dry.

Here they are completely dry:

IMG_5983 IMG_5982 IMG_5985

Looking back I wish I would have just let they sit longer like this before I pulled them apart because once I did my ends started to frizz. Next time I attempt this style I will use some type of oil.

Here are the curls pulled apart:

IMG_5986 ta ta1 ta2 ta4

I used the curl milk in a washngo and it smelled nice but it didn’t give my curls much definition. I used the edge control on a pony and it worked awesome!! I will most certainly be using these products again and I’m thankful to get the chance to try them all.

I am absolutely still in love with the weareonyx boxes. You get to try all these new products every month that you may not have discovered otherwise. The April ONYXBOX is on sale now at WEAREONYX.COM Free Shipping and it only costs $25 per month.

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