Velvet Teal & Velvet Sky on Rod Set Curls

I have never hair shadowed on rod set curls before so I thought it would be cool to do a tutorial on how the color will turn out on that type of curl. I went to sally’s to pick up some more temp colors for my deep conditioning color method and I found two eyeshadows for $.99 in the sale bin namedĀ Velvet Sky and Velvet Teal.

Here is a tutorial on how I applied the color:

image_8 image_9 image_10

The color was very vibrant in the sunlight! I didn’t give it a name but one of my followers on Instagram referred to the color as the color you see when you blow bubbles in the sun and I love that!! So why not call it Bubbles šŸ˜‰


  • I love you so much!!! I dyed my hair last year and all the color has pretty much gone away. I am natural and have been wanting to color my hair again but this time without bleaching. I follow you on IG and YouTube, and this is the first time seeing your blog. Do you have a suggestion on another way to color my hair without bleaching? I really dig the shadowing and I will try that soon. By the way, this look is beautiful!

    • naturallytash

      what color is your hair now? I would recommend the deep conditioning color as another way you could temporarily color your hair.

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