Tool Science Professional Hot Air Brush Set

I decided I wanted to blow out my hair so I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply to buy me a new Blowdryer with a Brush attachment. Instead I found the Tool Science Professional Hot Air Brush Set. It comes with three attachments. Two brushes and a nozzle to have direct air flow.


I am honestly just a washngo girl and I very rarely do another style with my hair. But this Tool Science Brush makes it very easy to do a blow out. I simply applied a leave in condish by lottabody (review coming soon) to my wet hair and then brushed my hair out with this tool in four sections. It really didn’t take long at all. Honestly I love it and may be more inclined to wear a blow out here and there simply because of this tool!! It costs about $50 but it is well worth it for us curly girls!!

 IMG_5925 IMG_5903

This product gets a bigggg thumbs up from me!!!

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  • I love your hair and hair color! Just bought the same hot air brush, thinking it would give me more body when I do decided to wear my hair straight. I’m natural as well but, don’t mind straighten my hair here and there. I can’t wait to try mines. Thanks, for the review they’re really isn’t any others out there for naturals.

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