The My Hair Days App is certainly worth the download!!

I very rarely come across an app that I love sooo much that I feel the need to do an entire post about it but with The My Hair Days App I just had too! 

This app is for all textured Queens who are looking for a place to get hair tips, share their hair journey, see lots of hair styles ,connect with others with the same hair type and so much more!

You can download the app for iPhone and android.

When you join the app you will be asked very specific questions about your hair like the porosity and your hair type. You are only allowed to put in one hair type so go with the type that the majority of your hair is. This will better help you to connect with other textured queens of the same type.

This app has a lot of amazing features like the ability to long full hair styles from all angles, upload product information and give steps on how you achieved the hair style. The key here is to be extremely detailed in the caption of your post.You can also add links to videos you may have of that particular style. With this app it is best to use lots of hashtags about the style you posted so others can find them when using the search feature.

Another great feature is the ability to Track your hair growth!

I am on a new hair growth journey and I will be documenting that exclusively through the My Hair Days App. I invite you all to follow my journey by downloading this app and then following me at Naturallytash Saunders!

Another thing that I really love about the app is the ability to follow other amazing queens hair journeys!

This beautiful Queen is also one of the creators of the My Hair Days App is is certainly worth the follow!!


Soo if you want to find out just how awesome this app is for yourself download this app today and if you do I will see you there! Also if you contact me through the app and tell me you found out about this app through my post here I will most certainly follow you back!!

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