The Messy Side Of Hair Shadowing

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For those of you who have started hair shadowing, by now you know it is a messy task. It can run onto your hands, clothes and stain pillows and sheets if your hair is not properly covered at night. There will always be some sort of mess simply because the color is temporary but there are some ways to cut down on the messy.

The first thing you can automatically expect to get dirty is your hands. Its almost impossible to use gloves and apply the hair shadow simply because it is easier to rub it in using your bare hands. So clearly you know your will hands will get dirty and this is just where the messiness begins.

It really depends on what you use to hair shadow your hair that will determine the level of messiness. If you choose to use powdered hair shadow, eye shadow, or powder based hair chalk prepare for it to run. When you apply it it will fly all around and get on any exposed surfaces. I have also learned with time to cover your nose when applying these products because the powder will go up in your nose. Its best to cover all surfaces near the area where you will hair shadow your hair. Also if you hair is shoulder length or longer you may want to avoid hair shadowing the bottom or tips of your hair because the color will run and stain your clothes. It will wash out and it wont ruin your clothes but you don’t want to get caught out and about with your white shirt turning red from your hair. Also if your hair comes towards your face and you color some of your hair that touches your face prepare for it to get on your face and you might want to carry around some wipes in your purse. It is also smart to avoid hair shadowing all together if the forecast says rain. I think that is pretty self explanatory!!  If you set your color with a blow dryer it will cut down on the color running. You can also set the color using a light holding spray or hair spray and then blow drying. Doing that will ensure your color will not run and the color will last you up to three days. Without doing so the color may last you a day at best.

If you choose to use cream eye shadow, Alex hair chalk pens, chubby lipstick pens or lipstick to hair shadow your hair the color will not run as much as a powdered product would. Once you set this color with a blow dryer you should be able to touch the color with only a little of the product running onto your hands. However I would still recommend not coloring the ends of your hair if your hair is shoulder length or longer to avoid getting any color on your clothes.

When I choose to hair shadow my hair I use an old black pineapple cap( a locsoc or top piece of a pair of pantyhose) to cover my hair at night so my hair does not stain my pillow. I also use an old pillow case just in case my pineapple cap decides to slip at night. What ever method you use to wrap up your hair at night, you might want to use something old that you wouldn’t mind getting color on cause there is always a possibly of that happening.

However I would rather deal with a mess that can be cleaned than harsh dyes and chemicals  that can cause damage to your hair that cant be fixed as fast as a little hair shadow on your hands. When put that way the messy side of hair shadowing doesn’t seem all that bad to me!

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