The Art Of Hair Shadowing

photo (24)photo (23)photo (22)photo (21)photo (20)photo (12)photo (17)tash3Hair Shadowing is the temporary method of coloring your hair using powder or cream eye shadows. I started doing this method a few years ago after trying hair chalk and becoming discouraged at how easy it rubbed off and how it only would last one day. As a result of that I started to experiment with different eye shadows in my hair and soon discovered that maybelline color tattoo was the best cream eye shadow to use because the colors were really bold and vivid and the color would last me up to an entire week. After using the maybelline color tattoo for awhile and realizing that the color selection was very limited, I moved on to the maybelline dream bouncy blush which works just as good as the color tattoo if not better. And it opened me up to a new selection of colors. From there I started to mix products. Like using both hair chalk and eye shadow to achieve custom colors. Then I was sent a set of Alex Hair Chalk Pens which are a lot like cream eye shadow in stick form. These work just as well as cream eye shadow and opens up a new pallet of colors as well. After I used the Alex hair chalk pens it inspired me to experiment with chubby lipstick pens in my hair considering that they were made almost exactly like the hair chalk pens are. I now dub it Hair Sticking and once again more colors are introduced. So to temporarily color your hair you can use hair chalk, powder eyeshadow and blushes, cream eye shadows and blushes, alex hair chalk pens, chubby lipsticks and lipstick. It is best to set every one of these methods with a blow dryer and remember creams will always last longer than powder.

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Stay tuned for Hair Shadowing tips and color/product breakdowns.


  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for all the helpful information. I definitely need to step up my deep conditioning game, lol. My problem is that I cannot find one that works for my hair, ugggh, its so frustrating.

    Either they add shine, softness, or a little moisture but none are really moisturizing, which is what I really want and need. And none of them have helped with my tangle prone hair.

    I’ve tried Carol’s Daughter (hate it), Shea Moisture (hate it 2x), Organix brand (really hated it), and many more. I cannot seem to find a deep conditioner that deep conditions, adds moisture, and detangles all in one. I will definitely try adding the banana baby food (do I need to shampoo out the conditioner with added banana or is it alright to just rinse it out? Should I use the conditioner with added banana 1st, then shampoo or vice versa?). Sorry for all the questions.

    P.S. Happy belated New Years!

  • I love your deep condition coloring and shadowing techniques. I wish I could do mine but…sighs…I am trying to handle my already damaged hair and coloring, even shadowing, is not in my future. So I have to live vicariously through you, lol. I have a few questions, if you do not mind? I want to know if a person has naturally dark brown/black hair, will she have to lighten it to see shadowing or deep conditioning color results both indoor and outdoor? Also, will these coloring techniques work on relaxed hair? I also have a non hair related question. In your natural hair journey YouTube video, you have some pictures showing you holding your phone encased in some interesting phone cases’ such as a cat, cassette case, etc. Can you tell me where you purchased those awesome cell phone cases? Sorry for all the questions. Thanks for any help.

    • naturallytash

      To help with your damaged hair you should try protein treatments and lots of deep conditioning. Also mixing some baby food banana into your condish will also help with restoring your hairs health. To do hair shadowing there is no need to to lighten your hair. Hair shadowing will work on any color hair. The color may not be as bright on darker hair as it would on lighter hair but it will still work and show up. To do deep conditioning color depending on the color you are trying to achieve it would be best to pre lighten your hair. Yes these coloring techniques will work on relaxed hair. All of those phone cases were either bought on ebay or I hope this helps! Have a wonderful day.

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