Taitu’s Botanicals Ginger Lime Moisture Creme & Body Wash Review

I was given the absolute pleasure of trying the all natural Taitu’s Botanicals Ginger Lime Moisture Creme & Body Wash and I certainly was not disappointed!

The Ginger Lime Moisture Creme contains shea butter, aloe and organic coconut oil that your skin will automatically absorb. The creme is both super rich and long-lasting. It smells so amazing and leaves your skin feeling extra soft and smooth. I love to use it all over my body but especially on my legs after I shave for extreme silky smoothness.

The Ginger Lime Body Wash is a naturally fragrant body wash that will gently cleanse even the most sensitive skin with its rich detergent-free formula. Every bottle is lovingly created with organic coconut oil and aloe vera to ensure your skin benefits from their smoothing and moisturizing properties. The smell lingers for a very long time and it also leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky and when paired with the Ginger Lime Moisture Creme it leaves your skin feeling and smelling absolutely amazing!

I will definitely be using both of these products for a long time to come! I would reccomend trying all of Taitus Botanicals all natural body products to help take care of and peserve the skin your in!!

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