StyleLikeU + I Rock My Natural: Cipriana Quann’s Episode of The What’s Underneath Project


Meet Cipriana Quann! One Half of the beautiful twin sisters and the co-founder of Urban Bush Babes.  Check out her deep and heartfelt interview with in the What’s Underneath Project.

In the video, Cipriana bravely opens up about being raised by her physically abusive, mentally ill father, as well as her experience with the modeling industry that told her she needed to change her natural hair in order fit in.




I was really sucked in by this interview. The honesty and rawness of it all really resonated with me. I have always been a fan of both Ciprana,her Sister and the Urban Bush Babies and to hear her story made me feel a connection to both her and women empowerment.

_CAM9626 _CAM9635 _CAM9645 _CAM9583 I really like the way does their What’s Underneath interviews. You can really sense the vulnerability when more and more of her clothes are removed and she begins to open up more about her childhood and honestly her lingerie underneath is just gorgeous. Ciprina is a beautiful soul and an inspiration to natural women and any woman and I thank her for sharing her story with the world.

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