Streaks & Tips Golden Blond

Came across another temporary spray color brand in Sally’s named Streaks & Tips. They come in about 10 colors ranging from white to brown and three different color blonds and it cost about $5.99. However you might can catch a sale like I did for $1.99 per bottle.

Streaks_N_Tips_Temporary_Color_Highlight_Spray_Golden_Blonde__72722.1383485283.386.513 (2)

I used two full bottles on top of my previous blond color using the cream eye shadow for a even more extreme blond look.

Here are the results under indoor light

photo (96)

Here is how the color looked in the sunlight:

photo (95) photo (94) photo (93) photo (92)

Best thing about it is it doesn’t run all over your hands. I wore this color on my birthday night where I was dancing and sweating a lil bit and it didn’t run so I would give this brand a big big thumbs up!!


  • Myishea Gilliam

    Hello, do you apply it on after your hair is styled. Like a twistout!

    • naturallytash

      I would recommend you applying the color as your last step to styling your hair. So yes to your question lol

  • Brandi Martinez

    When you spray on the color,are u using gloves. How do you sleep with the color in your hair?

  • I love your hair. My question is, what is the method of application? With lots of curls you have to be thorough and I don’t want it to come out with streaks.

    • naturallytash

      Do it in sections. If Your going for all over color buy at least three bottles and spray it in three sections. Doing it that way will ensure full coverage.

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