Splat Washables Two Tone Color: Purple and Blue


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My method to application:

I put the purple in my hair as an all over color by sectioning my hair into four sections and then applying the purple to each section the same as you would product. I then diffused my hair on low cool till the purple was dry and did not rub off on my fingers.

Next I applied the blue to the tips of my hair in various spots and continued with this until the desired blue was achieved. I then diffused again on low cool until the blue was dry.

After that I picked out my hair over an old towel to get rid of the access color and the stiffness that the splat washables creates.

Here are my curls before the color:


Here is the after in the sunlight:

bp2 bp3 bp4

Inside Light:

bp5 bp6 bp7 bp8 bp9 bp10  Combining these colors is soo much fun! I wonder what combo I will come up with next 😉




  • So we don’t need to bleach anything?!?! I’m so shocked! This is great

  • After you have put the colors in and it’s dried, are you able to wet hair and still keep color?

    Also, How long does it take for the colors to wash out?

    • naturallytash

      Once you wet the color it will fade but it will still be present. It won’t completely wash out until you apply shampoo. I’ve never kept it in longer than about 3-5 days.

  • How long does it take for the colors to wash out?

  • Does my hair need to be dry in order to use the washables?

  • Would I need to style my hair with moisturizer and all before I use the splat washables or it Wont matter?

    • naturallytash

      I would apply all the products that you use prior to applying the splat.

      • So, if I wanted to Bantu knot with the blue and purple, I’d moisturize and Bantu knot then later take the Bantu knots out, dye my hair, then pick it out?

        • naturallytash

          With Bantu knots I would put the color on each section before you knot it. When all your knots are complete I would hit it with a blow dryer to make sure all the color has dried. Then when you take them down and pull your knots apart this will take the place of you picking it out.

  • Is there bleach in this product

  • Love the purple & blue! Im thinking about trying it next. I used the purple splat but didnt use the bleach in one section of my hair and colored the rest black!

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