Splat Washables Electric Blue

I picked this up at walmart for $3.69. It worked exactly like the pink and purple splat washables but you might want to buy two if you plan on doing all over color. I chose to just do the front of my curls so one box was fine.

Here is a photo of my hair prior to using the splat washables electric blue:

Here is the after:

CAUTION: There are some cons to using splat washables but none have to do with it damaging your hair. It does flake up like a powder hair chalk and it will leave some residue when you touch it too much or if you pick it out. Avoid wearing light colors and if your hair touches your face and you sweat sometime during the day it will rub on your face. I would recommend that after you apply the color and the color is completely dry that you do pick your hair out to get rid of that excess color. When the color drys it can make your curls feel somewhat stiff and picking it out or pulling your curls apart will get rid of the stiffness. You can still apply a moisturizer on top of the color but it will lighten the color somewhat.  But with all that being said I still like the vibrant temporary colors that splat washables has available. There will always be some level of mess with a temporary color.


  • Can you straighten your hair with the product on your hair

  • Darriean Rogers

    Also if my hair is straightened, can I apply the splat washables like that and where it out? Or does my hair need to be in its natural state?

    • naturallytash

      Yes you can do it with straight hair, however I have never done so because I never wear my hair straight.

  • Darriean Rogers

    So for someone trying all this stuff for the first time, do you suggest the splat washables, the fun spray or the jerome russell? I want something that is temporary until I decide if I like it and if I do, I will probably try the deep conditioning method.

    • naturallytash

      Try the Jerome Russell spray it will give you really vivid bright colors really fast and will last you 2-3 days.

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