Splat Ocean Ombre

I wanted to add a little something to the ends of my purple curls so I decided on the Splat Ombre in Turquoise Reef and Blue Crush


I put my hair into about 12 twists and on the ends of each twist I put some of the


color oops and then applied foil around the ends. I let it sit on my hair for 30 minutes and then I rinsed it out and conditioned the ends. Next I applied the splat ocean ombre but I mixed the turquoise and the blue together before I applied it to my ends and then applied aussie moist 3 minute miracle on top of the color. I let it sit on my hair for 45 minutes before I rinsed it out. Then I co-washed and did a wash n go.

Here are the finished results:



DSC_0205 DSC_0204 DSC_0203 DSC_0190-001





It looks purple in some light and light blue in others  but either way im rockin with it!

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