Splat Color Gel in Purple Funk


I decided to try this thinking at the time that it was the splat washables product but I was to soon discover that it was not. I bought this product from CVS for $6.99 in Purple Funk. I totally missed the part on the box that said extreme hold and payed for it later.

It has the consistency of a very sticky hair gel and the color looks more bright on your hands when you apply it than how it will actually look in your hair. I took a few pieces in the front of my hair to achieve highlights and when I applied the product to the first piece I found it to be very heavy on the hair and it has a strong smell. I only used a little on each piece of hair I chose to color and then I set it with a blow dryer. The curls that I had applied this product too were very hard and crispy when I was done. I could not even pull the curl apart without a real effort. I don’t know why I chose to use this knowing full well that my curls and an extreme hold gel do not mix well and for that reason I would give this product a 1 on a scale of 1-10. You can barely see the color when done and it leaves your hair very hard and crunchy.

Here is a picture before I applied the purple funk:

photo (27)

Here is a photo after using the purple funk:

photo (28)

I would recommend skipping this product all together!

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