Sparks Purple Passion and Adore Lavender

I felt it was time to change my base color again after wearing and rocking first the brown and then the brown and orange for a good while. I decided to go with the

Sparks in Purple Rush



And Adore in Lavender


I used Color OOps to pull out both the brown and orange color I had in my hair and it left my hair almost a pale pinkish/reddish color. I then applied the Sparks purple passion all over my hair and then added the adore in lavender to the ends of my hair only. I let it sit in my hair almost two hours under a plastic cap and here are the results:

IMG_4076 IMG_4075 IMG_4067 IMG_4064 IMG_4077

DSC_0136 DSC_0143IMG_4152


I love how vibrant the purple is and I soo look forward to hair shadowing on top of this color and creating more color combos.


  • I’m going to try coloring my hair myself for the first time. I wanted to know did you have to bleach the ends of your hair fir the second purple color to show?

    • naturallytash

      No. I just used color oops to pull out the previous color on my ends because I had green at one time and that’s why they were lighter.

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