Sparks: Orange Crush

After wearing the Fushia/purple mix for a little while I decided I wanted to go for Orange. I pulled the other two colors out of my hair using the color oops. I then applied the


Sparks Orange Crush and then applied Aussie moist Condish directly on top. I let it sit for 2 1/2 hours and then washed out and condished again for another hour.

Here are the finished results:


 DSC_0259-001 DSC_0256-001 DSC_0246-001 DSC_0264-001 DSC_0244-001 DSC_0233
So right about now I am most certainly crushing on this orange.

DSC_0091 DSC_0087

***Please be advised you will not get this color vibrancy with really dark-black hair. I have used a few coloring lighting methods over the years that have lightened my hair to be able to now wear these bright colors. I would recommend using a box color to achieve a lighter color and then using these types of temp colorings on top.


  • Oooooohhhh, that color is gorgeous on you! What was the condition of your hair and curls after using color oops? I want to use this but I am scared it will damage or change my curl pattern! Also how long did you leave the color oops on? Thanks!

    • naturallytash

      Thank you. After color oops your hair is not brittle but you should still do a deep condish after you use it. I check the color oops after 3o minutes if it has lifted all the color out I will wash it out then but if it has not lifted it enough I will let it sit an additional 30 minutes and then wash out.

  • Cotton Candy Curls

    I absolutely love this color, I got my hair dyed this color a few months back it has faded but I’m so excited to try this new sparks Orange Crush. How long is this color supposed to last?

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