Sherbet Curls by Adore

adore-shining-semi-permanent-hair-color-116-purple-rage-3 adore-shining-semi-permanent-hair-color-38-sunrise-orange-3adore-shining-semi-permanent-hair-color-82-pink-rose-3_03bdf28e-0b4b-45e9-80eb-aa3935f04cc4_1024x1024

Above you will find all three colors I used to create this what I am now calling Sherbert  colored curls. I pulled out the two previous colors I had in my hair with the color oops hair color remover. Then I put the above three colors in my hair in three different sections. Orange in the back, pink in the front on one side and purple on the other. Here are the results:





DSC_0052 DSC_0053


  • How do you get your colors to take so well. This is the only brand I can use but my hair is stuck in the red stage. Thanks

    • naturallytash

      I use color oops color prep before I do a new color. this pulls out the old color and allows the new color to shine on its own.

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