Safely Removing Deep Conditioning Color

The last deep conditioning color I had done was adore purple rage. I liked it for awhile but before long I realized that it was much to dark. The color slightly washed out each time I shampooed but I wanted it out much faster than that. A friend of mine told me I should try Vitamin C tablets crushed up in my shampoo. I had never heard of this method so I did some research and found that the vitamin C which is known as ascorbic acid, it opens the hair cuticle by causing it to swell,lighten and then removes the temporary hair color. Couple this with a dandruff shampoo and it will pull out even more color.

photo (42)

I decided to use the Essence Vitamin C powder mixed with Head and Shoulders shampoo. I mixed four packs of powder to one half cup of shampoo. It becomes really thick and pasty. I applied it all over my hair really working it in and I let it sit for two hours under a plastic cap and towel. 

Once the two hours was up, I washed out the shampoo completely and found that it had took out mostly all the purple in the back of my hair but not so much in the front. I knew this was because prior to me doing all my hair purple rage I had done just the front. So that meant I had double the purple in the front. So I did the process again mainly concentrating on the front of my hair and this time I only left it in for an hour.

When I washed out this time all my hair had returned to a light brown. All of the deep conditioning temporary color was gone. I then deep conditioned with the Aussie moist 3 minute condition for 45 minutes. Once I washed that out I did a washngo like normal.

Here is my hair with the Purple Rage Before The Vitamin C Method:

photo (41)

Here is My Hair After The Vitamin C Method:

photo (7) photo (6) photo (40)


It is also possible to lighten your current natural hair color with this method. You simply add the powder to the shampoo of your choice each time you shampoo an over time it will lighten you natural hair color. This is a great method to use if your really want to do a vibrant deep conditioning color and you hair is really dark.




  • How much time should you wait between treatments to lighten your natural hair color?

  • Will the gel pills work also

  • Erin singleton

    I have a question have you ever tried the mustard and cinnamon powder mixed together with water as a hair mask?

  • Could this method be done using a cowash instead of a shampoo? Because I cowash my hair more often than I shampoo, to speed up the lightening process?

  • Could this method be done applying a cowash instead of a shampoo? Cause I cowash my hair more than I shampoo, to speed up the lightening process?

  • Would you be able to suggest some measurements if not using the vitamin c packs. What if i used pills instead, how many pills to how much conditioner?

    • naturallytash

      I have never used the pills but I have read that you smash up at least two pills per cup of conditioner.

  • If I have bleached streaks ( lifted) by a professional… Bc I wanted purple ( manic panic, which faded before I washed it and less than a week had passed)… Would this be safe to lighten my hair for a DDC. Or do u think it will do damage to the already permanently lifted portion…

  • my hair isnt natural will it be safe to lighten and dying using those methods

  • So will this method of coloring your hair without bleach work on dark hair or color treated hair. My hair color is nAturally dark brown but it is dyed jet black most of the time. I’m looking for a way to put some purple and red in without the damage and maintenance of using bleach and prelightener plus I want the flexibility to not be stuck to a color to a color for 2 long.

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