Safe Color Stripping

After having my hair red as a result of deep conditioning colors for months I decided I wanted to change what I consider to be my base color. I call it my base color cause I consider deep conditioning color to be my main color that I then will hair shadow on.

I decided that I wanted to change from red so I pulled the red out of my curls by mixing 1 cup of head and shoulders shampoo with one pack of vitamin c emergency packs.  You may need more so I would just do it as needed and mix one cup of shampoo to one pack unless your hair is short and a half of cup of shampoo would be better.

pDGC1-12183323v380 head-shoulders-lemon-fresh-shampoo

I applied it and let it sit for 10 minutes and then washed out. I did this three times.

Here is the color before: 


Here is how my curls looked after:


  Above is a washngo and below is finger coilsdd2 dd4 dd5 IMG_8017 FullSizeRender (78)I pulled the color out with every intention of coloring my hair purple but after seeing the color it left I decided to roll with it for awhile. If you try this method make sure to deep condition after application. This method will also lighten your natural hair color as well. If you have no color in your hair but still choose to do this method it will lighten your hair over time.


  • I got my hair lightened back in 6/2015. Since then I have been doing deep conditioning rinses. As of now I have two rinses in my hair, one that didn’t really wash out all the way and one I did a week ago. Since my hair wasn’t lightened as much as I wanted, I am deciding to pull out all the rinse/rinses and permanently color my hair honey blonde with a box dye the same day. Is this safe? My hair is healthy . Also do you recommend the vitamin c to remove the rinse or color oops?


    • naturallytash

      I would recommend you use the color oops. If you hair has length to it make sure to get at least two boxes cause one box does not stretch very far. Also it is safe to color on the same day but make sure you do a deep condition for at least 30- 1 hour before you color.

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