Rod Set Curls

It has been awhile since I have tried a rod set on my curls simply because I am not very good at it! I decided this weekend to give it a try again and much to my surprise I was very successful. I took my time and I think I found the best two products to use for a rod set on my hair.

image (62)

I started out on freshly washed and conditioned hair. I then took my hair in sections and first applied the Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil to the section and then the Lottabody Shape Me Custard Gelee. I then took the section and twisted it around the roller slowly and very tightly. I used the purple rollers the most and filled in with the pale yellow when I ran out of the purple. I let them sit in my hair overnight and in the morning I sat under a hooded dryer for 30 minutes.

image (65) image (66) image (69)

Here is how they looked once I took the rollers out:

image (64) image (63)

Here are the curls after I pulled apart each section:

image (60) image (59) image (58)

Over all I am very impressed with myself for finally getting a rod set to come out really nice and I am happy that I found the two products to help me do so. I think I will keep this style this week or at least a few days. lol I am now excited to try different size rod sets so stay tuned because I think I ready to do a video!

image (57)


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