Rod Set Curls #2


After having much success with my first rod set I decided to try it again this time using a bigger roller. I went for the orange rod set rollers this time. I used about 12 of them with the Lotta body 5 in 1 leave in condish, as well as their shape me curl gelee and the Organix E penetrating oil I received in my May Weareonyx box.


I did this set on freshly washed hair and I let them sit in overnight and in the morning I sat under the dryer for an additional 15 minutes just to make sure they were completely dry.


Here are the curls after taking out the rollers:

IMG_7059 IMG_7051 IMG_7049

Here are the curls after I pulled them apart and fingered through them:

bv1 bv IMG_7064 IMG_7063

After completing this rod set with much success I was motivated to do a video. Stay tuned for my next rod set post with the link to that video!

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