Rod Set #3 Video Tutorial


So after successfully completing over 3 rod sets I decided to do a video after getting tons of requests to do so on my social media. Since I had already done the purple, pale yellow and orange colored rod curlers I decided to go with the black this time around.

Here is a tutorial on how I achieved the rod set:

Below you will find the color I used to achieve my new purple ombre:


 I did a deep conditioning color treatment with the above Beyond the Zone Color Jamz in Not so shy violet. The reason the color came out with an ombre effect is because of the color of my hair prior to adding this color.

Here is the color of my hair prior to applying the Not So Shy Violet:

image (63)

Here is after:


Here are a few pictures of the rod set process:

image_7 image_6 image_1 image image_3 image_2

To preserve my curls at night I pineapple with a loc soc and then put a bonnet on top of that. This ensures that the curls don’t get smushed. In the morning I apply a tiny bit of the Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil shake and go!

Happy Curling and Coloring Ladies!!

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