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I’m Natoya P from Brooklyn NY. Fashion & Lifestyle blogger of Cotton Candy Pumps and also the Fashion Editor over at Just Bloom Magazine. I’ve been natural for about 2 years.

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What was your Inspiration to go natural? Did you bc or Transition?
I decided to go natural on my own terms, basically because I was tired of long trips to salons, spending money to upkeep my perms and adding harmful chemicals to my hair. Therefore in June of 2013 I did a big chop and got rid of all the straight/ permed ends, leaving myself with a twa.

Do you have any current hair goals?
My current hair goal is to have a really big, healthy Erykah Badu Afro, filled with curls.

If you could only pick 3 Top Hair Products what would they be??

organic coconut oil $7.99
Cantu Shea Butter leave in conditioner $6.49
Au Natural anti-shrinkage conditioner $8.99

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Is there a product that you have tried that you would not use again?
No, I can’t say that there’s a product that I’ve tried that didn’t work for me.

What’s your fave go to hair style lately?
My favorite hairstyle would have to be a stretched out curly Afro.

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How do you protect your hair at bedtime?
At nights I place my hair in a high pineapple/ pony and wrap with a satin scarf.

Does your hair have a name? If not what would you call it?

 If I had to give my hair a name it would probably be Diana! (Like Diana Ross) lol

Do you currently have colored hair?

I’ve never colored my natural hair before.

Sum Up Your Natural Hair Journey In Three Words:
stubborn, free and fierce.

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What Advice Would You Give The Natural Newbies?

My advice to the natural newbies would be to embrace and love your natural hair journey. Do not compare your texture, growth process or journey to anyone else. Instead learn to rock and accept your mane with confidence and fierceness!

 Is their a compliment that you were given on your hair that you would call your fave?

My favorite compliment would be “wow your fro is big and fun” smile.

If you had to tell your younger self something now about your natural hair then what would it be?

” Listen this journey is not going to be easy, you may even want to give up sometimes, frizz and shrinkage may annoy you, but embrace it. This is your hair, who you are, work with in and don’t be afraid to get creative. Love and accept the beauty in your hair.

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Do you have a fave Youtube Vlogger?
I do a have a favorite Vlogger but it’s between My Natural Sistas and Simplybiancaalexa.

Why do you ROCK your natural??

I Rock my natural because it reflects all the beauty that I am!

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Keep Rockin Natoya!!

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Social Media:
IG: natoyap
IG: cottoncandypumps
Twitter: natoyap

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