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My name is Andy Allo. I’m a singer-songwriter and actress, originally from Cameroon, West Africa but now I reside is Los Angeles, California. I’ve been making music and entertaining since I was very little and I’m about to release my third music project titled, Hello, on April 14. I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

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What or who inspired you to go natural? Did you bc or transition? 

I’ve been natural my whole life. When I was little, I would either do braids or just pull it back in a bun. It wasn’t til right after high school that I began wearing my hair out in an afro. I may not have always known how to style my hair, so my journey has been more of how to properly care for my hair.

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What are your current hair goals? 

I would say to have healthy, happy hair. I recently colored my hair, and the stylist I worked with did it in a way that kept my curl pattern intact and my hair healthy, so I take extra care to keep it moisturized and conditioned.

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 What do you use to color your hair?

My hair color is a mixture of light brown and blonde. When I decided to go lighter in color, I didn’t want to attempt to do it on my own. I went to Shai Amiel at Capella Salon in Los Angeles. He’s amazing and really knows how to take care of curls inside and out. They call him the Curl Doctor. 🙂

Top 3 products?

My top products at the moment are the DevaCurl Conditioner, Styling Cream and their deep conditioner, Heaven In Hair. You can find more of their products and details on their website, I love them!

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Is there a product you have used that you would NEVER use again? Why? 

That’s hard to say because everyone’s hair is different so something that might not work for me might be perfect for someone else’s texture and vice versa. I’ll usually try something once but if doesn’t work for me then I don’t use it again. For example, my friends swear by Shea Moisture. I tried it, and it does nothing for my hair, so it’s not something I use.

 Do you have a favorite go-to hairstyle? 

The afro!!! Fronatic for life!

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 How do you protect you hair at night? 

The only time I wrap my hair is when it’s been washed and conditioned, so I wrap it up in a scarf to keep the moisture in. Normally, I just let my hair out if it’s in a bun and go to sleep.

Do you have a name for your hair, or if you had to give your hair a name, what would it be? 

Oooo, my hair doesn’t have a name but definitely has a personality and mind of its own. My sidekick. If I were Batman, my hair would be Robin.

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What is the best compliment you have ever gotten on your hair? 

I think my favorite compliment is when someone says, “Can I touch your hair?”  Seriously. I take it as a compliment. Now whether I say yes or no to that question is a whole different matter.

If you could tell your younger self NOW something about your natural hair THEN, what would that be? 

I would say to my younger self and to anyone with natural hair: Condition, condition, condition!! And stay away from shampoo.

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Sum up your natural hair journey in three words.

Adventurous, fun, and empowering.

 Any advice to the natural newbies? 

I’d say, don’t fight your hair. Learn to work with it and bring out its best. Also find a stylist who knows how to cut and especially color curly hair.  Lastly, have fun! Curly hair is so versatile and there’s so much we can do!

Rock On Andy!!!

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