Rockin Naturals: Zulie Young

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– Hi, my name is Zulie Young. I was born and raised in Belize (located in Central America) . I now live in Caye Caulker which is an island located outside of Belize City. I’m 22 years in age. I’m currently working as a waitress/bartender, it’s something I love doing! I’ve been natural for about 3 years now and loving it.
What or Who inspired you to go natural? Did you bc or transition?
– I went back natural because of my best friend. She was starting to embrace her natural hair and I decided it was time for me to do the same. At that moment my hair was relaxed and bleached; Something I will always regret. So I started my natural journey. I chose to transition instead of doing the big chop but I did trim off all my dry ends. Which ended up with my with hair neck length.

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Top three products and prices.
My top 3 products would definitely be
– Aussie 3 minute Deep Conditioner $14bz
– Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator $10.95bz
– Dark and Lovely Au Natural Leave in Conditioner $9.95bz
Fave go to hairstyle.
When I’m not working my favorite go to hairstyle would be a ‘wash and go’ or I’ll jus hold the front of my hair in a ponytail and let the rest loose. If I’m at work my go to hairstyle are usually protective hair styles like buns, French braids or in a ponytail.
If you had to give your hair a name what would it be?
If I would give my hair a name I would call it ‘Diamond’ haha. Diamond because it started out all damaged but as time passed by and I worked on it, it became something beautiful and amazing.
Have you ever tried hair shadowing? Deep Conditioning Color? 
No I’ve never tried hair shadowing but I would really want to try it out.
If you hair is colored what do you use to do so?
My natural hair is dark brown but after I had bleached my hair it became all different colors of brown and because of that I decided to color it. I read about henna and decided to use that and it’s been amazing. I would recommend Henna to anyone who is hesitant of coloring their hair because of the chemicals in other dyes. Henna is all natural.

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Sum up your natural hair journey in three words.
Dedication, Amazing and Successful
          Any advice to the natural newbies?
My advice to all the natural newbies would be don’t give up. It might seems so hard at first and you might think ‘Do I really need to do this?’ And that’s fine because after you see the results of your hair you are going to be grateful and realize all what you did was worth the wait and time. I love the way my hair is coming along  after all it put it through. All you need is dedication.

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What was favorite compliment someone has ever given you on your hair?
Once i was in a store and I heard some girls talking behind me. She was telling her other friend ‘That’s her real hair’ and the other girl was saying ‘Ask her’. So the girl asked me ‘Friend, is that your real hair’ I said ‘ Yes it is’ she was like ‘ OMG, I told my friend it was your real hair. It’s so pretty’ and I replied with thank you. It’s was so funny to me and it really brighten up my day. I will never forget that.
If you could only watch one natural hair vlogger on youtube who would it be? why?
My favorite natural you tube vlogger is Jasmeannn and I would watch her hair videos for the rest of my life. Her curls are similar to mines and the way she does her natural hair routine helped me out a lot. She is my hair inspiration!

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Finish this sentence:
I Rock My Natural because it was given to me by the good Lord and what else to do than just embrace it. I’m am happy with my beautiful curls it’s one out of many things that defines Zulie.
Keep Rockin Zuile!!
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Social Media:

Instagram: zulie_shannin
Facebook: Zulie Young
Snap Chat: zulie_shannin


  • I am a young girl whose parents are from Belize too (Garifunan/ Native American) and my mom wont let me wear my hair curly she just makes me braid it and I’m tired of it. How do i tell her (my mom) that I want to wear it curly instead of braids?

  • Thank you ❤️

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