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Hello! I’m Tiki Caldwell. I was born and raised in Texas, but currently reside in Los Angeles, Ca. I am an inspiring model. I have been natural for year now beginning this month last year and I absolutely love it!
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What or Who inspired you to go natural? Did you bc or transition?

I inspired myself. I been short for quite sometime but I wanted something very different and unique. I challenged myself to go natural because I always use to say I won’t do it. I must admit I’m so glad I did.
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What are your current hair goals?

My current hair goals is to allow my hair to experience different creative hair styles. That will be color, cut, shave ect.
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Top 3 products and prices.


Coconut oil. $5

Beez wax $2-3

cantu shea butter $4-6

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Is there a product you have used that you would NEVER use again? Why?

Um no there isn’t. All the products I have use so far has been a benefit to my hair!
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Do you have a favorite go to hairstyle?

Yes! When I first when natural I cut all my hair off and it was blonde and curly that’s one of my favorite looks 🙂
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How do you protect you hair at night?

I either sleep with a net or just sleep on it.

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Do you have a name for your hair or If you had to give your hair a name what would it be?

Um.. Since I just recently went pink I would name it ..”pinkness” lol might sound corny but hey 🙂

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If your hair is colored what do you use to do so?

I use a semi permanent rinse called pink rose from Sally’s beauty supply.

Sum up your natural hair journey in three words.

Bomb dot com.

Any advice to the natural newbies?

Always love who you’re including your hair. Do what makes “You” happy and not everyone else! Take risk and have fun doing it! Flaunt your gorgeous natural hair!!!
What is your favorite compliment you have ever been given on your hair?

One of my favorites I would say is when people tell me that short hair is me” and not everyone can pull it off and ” your working that short look!
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If you could tell your younger self NOW something about your natural hair THEN what would that be?

I should of just went natural when I first decided to go short !
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 Do you have a favorite YouTube Vlogger?
Don’t know any 🙁
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Finish this sentence:
 I Rock My Natural because it makes me feel confident, beautiful, and bold!

Keep Rockin Tiki!!

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