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My real name is Stenikqua but I like to go by Nikki and that’s usually what everyone calls me. My birthday past just a few months ago November 10th, I turned twenty three years old. I’m a California girl , born and raised in Oakland to be exact. Although I did move a away not to long ago to the DMV area I’m back in California. I have a wonderful job which consist of working hands on with adults who has disabilities. I teach Self Advocacy, Cooking and Community Involvement Classes at a day program for disabled adults. I can honestly say I love my job and actually mean it. It has humbled me in so many ways I thank god for this opportunity everyday. I big chopped in May of 2014 I kept it cut low in that style for about three months prior to deciding I was going to let my hair grow out naturally.  So let’s just say the journey of me growing my hair has been six months , with two trims and tapered sides in between .
What or Who inspired you to go natural? Did you bc or transition?
No one really inspired me to go natural, I just hit that point in my life where I was tired of damaging my hair from perms and a lot heat from flat irons, curlers etc. My hair was damaged extremely bad, dry brittle and was breaking off like crazy. I just knew none of those things was okay nor healthy for my hair so I stopped. One day I told my self ” no more creamy crack”. I wanted my hair to be healthy that was my main goal. I was also tired of the entire ” getting a weave ” process so exhausting and it hurts. I freed my hair from what was causing the damage, it was the best thing for me and my hair. It feels good too.
Top three products and prices.
My top three hair products would have to be Herbal Essence Hello Hydration Conditioner ( $3-$6 at target ), Kinky Curly ” Knot Today ” Leave In Conditioner ( $12 at target ) and last but not least Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel ( $4 at my local beauty supply ).
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Fave go to hairstyle.
Since my hair is still in its TWA stage my favorite style for my hair would be a simple wash and go. It’s easy and it works for my hair. Although I do have a little length to do a twist out I just never tried , seems like a lot. I’m just keeping it simple until it’s really time for a twist out and styles that involves a lot of manipulation.
If you had to give your hair a name what would it be?
If I had to give my hair a name it would be ” Life Changer ” because cutting my hair and taking the natural route has really changed me as a person physically, mentally, emotionally and it has definitely boosted my confidence. I am inspiring girls all over the world it’s an amazing feeling. My hair changed my life and I’ve help inspired others
throughout the process. It’s a blessing.
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If you hair is colored what do you use to do so?
I colored my hair about four months into my journey. It was the first time I ever bleached my hair. I was scared at first, I thought the bleach was going to ruin my hair natural curl pattern. But luckily I found an awesome hair stylist in my city, showed him a picture and he did an amazing job didn’t damage my hair at all. I love my hair color. I guess you can say its like a honey blonde.
Sum up your natural hair journey in three words.
My natural hair journey has been a Blessing, Uplifting, Amazing experience. Loving every bit of it.
Any advice to the natural newbies?
My advice to any newly natural ladies is once you start don’t give up. I can’t stress that enough. You have to be mentally ready in my opinion, especially if you lived and died by weaves. There’s definitely going to be days where you don’t feel as confident because of your new look but the fact that you even decided to enter the journey shows your true confidence level. So give it time to grow on you don’t be a quitter. You can be the reason the girl down the block decide to big chop. Me personally I love seeing the natural hair community grow and the fact we have the opportunity to be apart of this movement should be an honor to everyone who’s natural newbies or not. Be you, ignore the ignorant comments that your going to receive from family, friends and even strangers. Last but but least love and embrace your natural hair no matter its texture. It’s yours so own it, you can be pretty with your natural hair don’t let people make you think otherwise.
What was favorite compliment someone has ever given you on your hair?
I receive compliments regarding my natural hair all the time, in person as well as on my Instagram. The most rewarding one was the first time when another young lady let me know she loved my hair and I was her number one inspiration. That was the best compliment ever. It made my day as well as made me smile
If you could only watch one natural hair vlogger on youtube who would it be? why?
My favorite natural hair vlogger YouTube is ColouredBeautiful. To me she’s so real and honest. Loved her personality, our hair texture was somewhat similar so I stuck with her when it came to advice and tips. She also has also has amazing hair colors.
Finish this sentence:
I Rock My Natural because it belongs to me , it’s healthy and beautiful.
Keep Rockin Stenikqua!!
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