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Simone I am 25 years old and from London UK known for rain, tea and biscuits. I work in marketing and pr and a natural hair vlogger for Curlformers. Aside from that I do hair modelling and I enjoy empowering young women through creative arts and volunteer with a charity who works with adult survivors who experienced child abuse.

My Mother is Irish and my Dad is Jamaican and I am the youngest of four. Three elder brothers that haven’t had to deal with the hair journey that I have had to level 1 at the barbers once a week! Sorted! Whereas I just wanted hair like my mum blonde and straight hair and didn’t have the hard work that I had to go through. But I have learnt, It is not hard work it just needs extra TLC and there is nothing wrong with that.

I have been natural since 2008 which is 7 years. My hair was relaxed and been put through too much damage and there was no saving it and I mean no saving it!


What or Who inspired you to go natural? Did you bc or transition?

My hair texture changed throughout my childhood, how many textures can one child have in her hair? It started to become untameable for my mum to do through primary age, so my dad was advised by a hairdresser to use a relaxer however he and my mum were completely unaware what it was going to do as well as me! Once I relaxed my hair it went downhill.

I felt my hair never went back to being the same and throughout my teens of then braiding, using gel and not really caring or maintaining it. My hair was no longer the luscious curls– it was short with many different levels and I had RUINED it!! When I was 17/18 I decided the only thing to do was chop it all off into a very short bob similar to what Alicia Keys style is like now. From then I began my journey of becoming natural. My family were happy, the hated that it was straight and that I was ruining my hair.

As I have worked in education, I saw the impact that celebrities & so forth have on young people & children to look and be a certain way BUT yourself.

Rocking my natural hair I walk down the road and I see little girls smiling or looking in admiration as to say I will look like that when I’m older I remember not really seeing that only Diana ross and that was on TV. Now in London there is more Afro beauties to spot and its great!

I am inspired by women who are funny, empowering, fiery & show their rawness such as  Tracee Ross, Alicia Keys, Kelis, Bell Hooks, Diana Ross, Solange Knowles inspire me just to name a few. But any woman who is happy to stand alone to stand what they believe in or embrace their imperfections I’m supporting!

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Top three products and prices. (UK prices)

For great slip, Tresemme Naturals Conditioner £4.99

(UK BRAND) Natural organic brand Mrs Millis Leave in Shea Butter £15.99

My Treatment Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment. £7.99


Fave go to hairstyle.

Up In A Bun with a few curls falling.


If you had to give your hair a name what would it be?

Simba, since the years of transitioning I find the growth of my hair also symbolises the confidence that grows within me. From a young cub into a lionesss.


Sum up your natural hair journey in three words.

Cub to Lioness

Any advice to the natural newbies?

My advice to the newbies is please do not overload yourself with information and hair products. It will be trial and error and what works best for you. However tips I give to everyone no matter what hair type is. Start with the basics drink plenty of water, hair treatments, have a good conditioner that has a good slip for detangling your hair.

Hair treatments cling film, hair oil or deep conditioner do this twice a week.

Only detangle your hair when its wet with loads of conditioner applied, use a wide tooth comb or better yet use your fingers less breakage to the hair. Wear a head wrap to bed either twist it up or put it in a high bun.

Protect your hair with twist out and braid out styles when it’s not so great weather and style it up with the head wrap.

Lastly, embrace the journey take pictures to see the journey and follow someone via social media who may have similar hair to you or on the same journey. The natural hair movement is quite an empowering and supportive one so you will be very welcome and learn a lot.


What was favourite compliment someone has ever given you on your hair?

Favourite compliment was with a child I use to teach I didn’t wear my hair out much the day I did child walked into the classroom “OH MY GOODNESS MISS YOU LOOK LIKE A LION” she played with my hair all day and said it smells like fruits.

If you could only watch one natural hair vlogger on youtube who would it be? why?

The London Curls, She is informative, honest and her videos are straightforward. The London Curls is a teacher and like myself coming from that background its very inspiring to see her wanting inspire young women to embrace themselves.

Also if a product doesn’t work for her she gives an honest review not bitchy and is open.

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Finish this sentence:

I rock my natural because it gives me a platform to overcome my shyness!

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Keep Rockin Simone!!


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  • Audrey Hayden

    Simone, you look fab in photos, my girls loved it Katie said she’s golden like me and Emily, emily said can I wear my hair down like that tomorrow, keep inspiring, and being beautiful inside and out x Audrey

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