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Hi, my name is Rute Tavares, 23 years old. I’m Capeverdean (Cape Verde is an african country made of of 10 islands off the West African coast) living in New Bedford, Massachusetts, and I’ve been natural for 4 years now.

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What or Who inspired you to go natural? Did you bc or transition?
 I basically decided to go natural because my hair had become so thin and brittle because of relaxing and not taking care of my hair properly. At the time a BC was not a option for me so I transitioned for about a year until my hair was completely natural. Today, I am glad that I made the decision to completely accept my natural self and inspired others to do so.
Top three products and prices.
 My favorite products so far are:
– Tressemmee Flawless Curls Conditioner  ($3.34)
– CANTU Shea Butter Cococut Curling Cream ($7.99)
– Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment ($7.99)
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Fave go to hairstyle.
 My favorite go to hairstyle is definitely a braidout. At night I do 2 braids on each side, and the next day, I take them down, separate the curls putting some coconut oil in my fingers to reduce frizz, fluffing up for some volume and voilá! It’s very easy, and at the same a protective style at night.
If you had to give your hair a name what would it be?
 Tina : because I’ve had people, specially my family, saying that I look like Tina Turner (which I totally disagree lol) when my hair is in a big crazy fro.
If you hair is colored what do you use to do so?
 Currently my hair is colored in “Jet Black” and I used the “Dark & Lovely” brand.
Sum up your natural hair journey in three words.
 Self-love, patience, adventurous.
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Any advice to the natural newbies?
I tell everyone to be patient, and love your hair at any stage, whether you did a BC or if you’re transitioning, embrace it. Moisturize and protective styling are very important for the healthiness of your hair. If you’re not sure what products to use, do some research, nowadays there’s so much online that can help you with your natural hair journey
What was favorite compliment someone has ever given you on your hair?
  One of the compliments that people tell me all that time is that my hair is so thick and big. That for me makes me feel good because it just reminds me of how healthy my hair is now comparing to before.
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If you could only watch one natural hair vlogger on youtube who would it be? why?
 Only God knows of how many natural hair vloggers I watch lol However, my favorite one is Naptural85. I hair journey was and still is such an inspiration for me.
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Finish this sentence:
I Rock My Natural because it’s the beauty in me. I’ve never felt so beautiful and confident til I’ve decided to appreciate my hair in the best that I can. It’s something that I am so proud of, and definitely will be teaching my kids to do the same.
Keep Rockin Rute!!
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