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Hi my name is Joyjah, as in Joy from God (Jah) my parents named me this way because I was their first child and their greatest Joy from God.  I’m Biracial, mixed black and white. My Dads Belizean and my Mums Australian.  Twenty years young! Born and raised in my beautiful homeland Belize C.A. I am currently attending the University Of Belize pursuing my Degree in Tourism Management and also a part time model in my country. I’ve been natural for little over six years now. Prior to that I had my hair relaxed only once.
What or who inspired you to go back natural? 
My Dad hated my hair straight, so returning natural really wasn’t my choice. It was one of those things I had to do. I must say about a year and a half ago I came across @bwatuwant IG profile, and she Is a beautiful girl with this magnificent curly fro, I was like ‘hearts in my eyes’ Wow! It was obvious she loved her hair! This inspired me to start taking better care of my curls. Investing time and all the extra money I have experimenting with different products, and pampering my precious ends! I thank @bwatuwant  for that. I mean, I had this head full of hair that really, I was taking for granted.
What are your current hair goals?
My current hair goal is to grow longer healthy mane.. I’m more than determined and challenging myself to reach ‘waist length’ by the end of next year 2016.
Top three products and prices?
First of all  my curly hair routine is the ‘LOC’ method, that’s (Leave in, Oil, Cream). My Ultimate FAV leave in conditioner is the ‘Garnier Fructis leave in conditioner’. Price: BZ$10. When it comes to oil i use the ‘Carrot Growth Serum’ from Fantasia  IC. The one with the orange top! it gives my hair all the moisture it needs and the best part is you don’t have to worry about using too much, it won’t weigh your hair down. Price BZ$17.50. Now for the cream I was introduced to Aunt Jackie’s Curl Lala by my Best Friend, and i fell inlove! My little brother hates the smell by the way. But it doesn’t bother me atall, best part is, it gives my hair that extra curl definition and tames my frizzes. A little takes you along way. This product is also good for a sleek back look on wet or dry hair or to lay ya baby hair.. 😀  Price BZ$12. Note: I’ve noticed that all these products can be bought on Amazon for way cheaper. Unfortunately the prices are so high in my country..  sigh 🙁
Is there a product that you have used and would never use again?
Actually yes there is. One product I will never use again is the Aphogee Textured Treatment. But for this one, I partly blame myself. I was using this product as a ‘conditioner’ for all my wash n gos ‘everyday’ for three months straight, when i got my hair flat ironed for a trim all my ends were not just split, DAMAGED!! almost two inches from all my strands. I was devastated. I believe it was just too much for my hair. The instructions did say to use once a week, but, but, but… the slip was amazing and consistency was the best. 🙁   this just goes to show that too much is not always good and we should read and follow them instructions!
Do you have a favorite go to hair style?
Most definitely, if Joyjah’s not wearing the ‘pineapple’ to school or around the house, Shes got a ‘bun’ in her hair. I love both hairstyles because they avoid friction between my hair and clothing. Which is a plus for retaining length.
How do you protect your hair at night?
At night I sleep on satin pillows and tie my hair up in a pineapple, so it’s not everywhere. Y’all know what i mean…..   And in the case of me traveling I always carry a silk scarf to wrap and tie my hair before bed. Both materials do wonders 1. It prevents frizz 2. It does not withdraw any moisture and 3. Makes me sleep better knowing that my hair is protected.
Do you name your hair or if you had to give your hair a name what would it be?I’ve never thought about naming my hair, but if I had to… Ummm I would call her The Beast. I chose this name because I’m always taming her, and if I don’t she’ll then be super wild and out of control. So I’ll be Beauty, she’s my Beast. 😀
If your hair is color what do you use?
Well.. (smile on my face) I’m very proud to say that this brownish, goldish, reddish, I don’t even know what color it is! Is my natural color. I believe it has something to do with the Irish I have in me. That explains the freckles as well
Sum up your natural hair journey in three words.
Love, Determination, Persistence
Any advice to natural newbies?
Once you make the decision to go natural, keep in mind It is a journey that requires a strong DETERMINATION and BOLDNESS. .  You’ve got to commit. Yes, versatility is great, but think about it this way. You could be one ‘blowout’ away from a serious heat damage that will permanently damage your curl pattern. I’ve seen this happen and once you ruin your mane, it’s a long road to recovery that requires growing it all back from scratch. Also surround yourself with people who have natural hair as well- – this will give you motivation and encouragement and ALWAYS remember, your Natural Hair is beautiful! so hold your head up high and show off what God has given you. ‘Confidence is everything’
What is your favorite compliment you have ever been given about your hair?
My most favorite compliment of all time would have to be from that sweet old lady who asked if this is my real hair. When I answered yes, her face lit up with amazement, she then blurted out “it’s almost bigger than you, I love it!” I laughed. She then continued by tell me about here grand daughter who had hair similar to mine. The entire conversation was so sweet. I’m honestly still smiling.
If you could tell your younger self NOW something about your natural hair THEN, what would it be?
My natural hair was perfect! I wish I had listened to Mom and Dad and did not relax it, but I’m doing everything I can NOW to get that length back and most importantly keep it healthy. I promise to never neglect my hair again. I now LOVE IT.
Do you have a favorite YouTube Vlogger?
I don’t have an ultimate favorite! Not for natural hair… But my two go to channels are @sunkissalba and @moknowshair, and i must say I’ve learnt allot from both ladies and i encourage everyone to check them out. Sunkissalba has this really cool vibe and all her hairstyle are very simple (which I love). Now if your into more complex hairstyles moknowhair will show you them step by step. I like her videos about flat twists and perm rod. I can’t wait for growth so I can try them out.
Finish this sentence — I rock my natural hair because…
“It defines me. I am unique I am freckles and curls”.
Keep Rockin Joyjah!!
Social Media
Join me and my hair journey on Instagram —–> @joyjah and feel free to ask all your questions, there’s nothing that lights me up more than helping


  • What is your Hair type?

  • Hi joyjah I have met you before you are really nice and you inspire the world !But i do not have curls but i like my hair how it is !!i am also belizean

  • First of all, I love the way that you empower girls/women through your social media to accept that natural hair is totally OK! Love the positivity❤️

    I am a 17 year old mixed girl with brown curly hair as well. I am part Dutch, Surinamese and Chinese. Living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands:)

    Until the age of seven, my hair had much volume and was less dry. I didn’t really do anything with my hair, because I didn’t care at the time haha. From then on I started to care, so I was looking for the right products to use. I used a lot of different products, but none of them were working. It seemed like I found the perfect product three years ago: the Andrelon shampoo and conditioner for curly hair. I once accendently forgot to take out the conditioner, after washing my hair. I noticed that my hair was softer and got way more volume. It looked healthier than ever! I continued to do this (which actually isn’t the original way of treatment, according to the rescription on the bottle).
    A few months ago it seemed like my hair was getting more greasy, flat and less curly (still using the Andrelon products). I guess those products aren’t working as good as they used to three years ago. Sad me:( I want my strong and soft curls back! Shouls I give those products that you use a try? Or do you recommend something else? I hope that you can help me and that my hair will be healthy and pretty again!

    xoxo Noa

  • How do you get back your curls for all the straighten? I damage my hair from straighten and want back my bouncy curls what should I do? I am also Belizean

  • Hi? Natural is beauty. You have freckled skin and I have dry skin. Subscribe to my YouTube channel, link is on my Instagram bio which is @ijvintagegirlij

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