Rockin Naturals You May Not Know But Should: Jada



Name: Jada Jarvis
Age: 17
Location: New York

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What you do for a living?

As of now, I’m in  high school focusing on performing.

How long have you been natural?

For a little over two years now!
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What or Who inspired you to go natural? Did you bc or transition?

My mom and Alyssa Redenti totally inspired me. I’ve grown up with my mom and she’s always had long long hair and I never really payed attention to it. And then I saw Alyssa Redenti and I didn’t know it was possible to get curly hair so long! And the only way for me to even try and attempt to get my desired length, is to leave it natural and stop messing with it!
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What are your current hair goals?

I want my hair length to be a little past my belly button.

Top 3 products.
I try not to use to much product but I love any (deep) conditioner by 3 Minute Miracle and a hair balm but Carol’s Daughter.
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Is there a product you have used that you would NEVER use again? Why?

An organic coconut remedy I bought from a cheap store. NEVER AGAIN. I used it and I had to go out, and it was a little cold out. And walked out and the product legitimately FROZE my hair in place and it was in braids, it got so hard I started panicking. I eventually rinsed it out with warm water and fixed it, but that was one of the worst feelings ever.

Do you have a favorite go to hairstyle?

I just keep my hair in braids as a go to hairstyle.

How do you protect you hair at night?

Braids braids braids!
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Do you have a name for your hair or If you had to give your hair a name what would it be?

Haha, I don’t have an official name for it but when I’m doing something with it I always say “come on buddy grow, you need to grow buddy.”

If your hair is colored what do you use to do so?
I use just a deep shade of red, the brand is Garnier.
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Sum up your natural hair journey in three words.

Heatless, moisturize, condition!

Any advice to the natural newbies?

Dust regularly and keep those ends moisturized as much as possible!
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What is your favorite compliment you have ever been given on your hair?

“I just wanna sleep in your hair. It’s like your own personal pillow!” Always makes me laugh.

If you could tell your younger self NOW something about your natural hair THEN what would that be?

I used to do it so much and God it was so damaging. But now, I haven’t applied heat to my hair in a little over two years.
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Do you have a favorite YouTube Vlogger?
I do! If we’re talking specifically about hair/guru/beauty wise though, I definitely would have to say Jadah Doll!

Finish this sentence:
I Rock My Natural because I finally learned to appreciate it. I believe that it’s because I didn’t know how to properly take care of it, but now that I’m getting a hang of it, I’m starting to like my hair a little more.

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Keep Rockin Jada!!

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