Rockin Naturals You May Not Know But Should: Fabienne


My name is Fabienne, I’m 25 i currently reside in Pennsylvania. I’ve been a proud naturalista since June 2013.

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What or Who inspired you to go natural? Did you bc or transition?
 A very good friend of mines inspired me to go natural. i transitioned for a year & in Sep. 2013 I did a mini chop.
Top three products and prices.
 My top three products would have to be: tropic isle living JBCO $7.96 I swear by it , Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner $5.97,  Cantu Shea butter for natural hair coconut curling cream $5.97
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Fave go to hairstyle.
 My fav go-to hairstyle would have to be the two strand flat twist out. gives my curls more definition.
If you had to give your hair a name what would it be?
If I had to give my hair a name i would call it Tasmanian devil. There’s beauty within the madness.
If you hair is colored what do you use to do so?
 I’ve been debating on how to go about coloring my hair the proper way so i went to my stylist to get it professionally done.
Sum up your natural hair journey in three words.
 Patience is KEY
Any advice to the natural newbies?
Some advice for natural newbies don’t focus so much on length, healthy hair will grow. Do not be afraid to trim, the scissor is your friend. What works for someone else might not work for you. Moisture is important, keep hair moisturized. Most importantly remember to have fun & love your mane at every stage.
What was favorite compliment someone has ever given you on your hair?
My favorite hair compliment would have to come from my mother when she told me my hair looked beautiful. She’s pretty judgmental when it comes to my hair styles/choices so hearing that from her really made me feel beautiful on the inside.
If you could only watch one natural hair vlogger on youtube who would it be? why?
 Mini Marley. Her tutorials are fun, simple & easy to understand. She’s always trying new styles & products.
Finish this sentence:
I Rock My Natural because I love exploring different versions of myself & learning to love what makes me ME 🙂
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Keep Rockin Fabienne!
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