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Hi my name is Brandon Sanchez but for all my life I’ve been called Coco, nickname given to me by my twin brother who couldn’t say “Gordo” lol. I’m 19 years old birthday in 2 weeks! I’m from Sacramento, California and I’m currently working the food industry and management for pools during the summer, just trying to save money and by the end of 2015 I shall have enough to start cosmetology at Paul Mitchell, which I’m very excited for! I’ve been natural since I was 18 so about a year and a half now, I’ve had a few bad haircuts which set me back but I’m very happy where I’m at with my hair journey today and I just really love natural hair, it’s my passion and I’m deciding to pursue what I’m passionate about.

What or Who inspired you to go natural? Did you bc or transition?

My boyfriend is the man who inspired me to go natural and grow my hair out. He pretty much just told me he thinks I’d look really good with long hair and bun hahah. I never bc’d or transitioned I just started growing naturally since I had short hair my whole life. To my surprise I had some curly ass hair lol.
Top three products and prices.
Wow I use so many products I’m a product junkie as they say lol, but I can definitely narrow down my top three. They would have to be DevaCurl as my number one, very pricey but it lives up to the hype and nothing’s makes my hair look better than Deva curl. Price range 16-40$ (I know sucks). Second would have to be SheaMoisture, another fav and it’s not as pricey as the last, ranges from 2-16$ I think but I love they’re whole line from bath and body to hair. All naturals should know(; lol. Lastly I’m an ambassador for HairYum who I recently discovered and I fell in love with there four step system and my curls look good everytime. They’re all natural vegan and that’s what I look for in products, price range is 10-40$. I only use organic, vegan products, meaning no sulfates, silicones and all that nasty stuff. Read ingredients ladies!!!



Fave go to hairstyle.
 My fav go to hairstyle and only hairstyle is wash n go’s. It’s the only style I ever do, people always ask if it’s a flexi rod set or a twist out and I honestly have no idea how to even do any of those styles. I just wash my hair and style and hope for the best lol. As for the new year of 2015 I do want to do something new with my Instagram and I want to learn more styles and techniques so I can be more helpful to all my natural following because I really do love to help with ladies and gentlemen’s hair journeys(:



If you had to give your hair a name what would it be?
If my hair had a name it would be what everyone calls me… CurlyCoco lol. I feel like a different person depending on my hair. If it’s not working with me I’m Brandon, but if it’s huge, super spirally and coily and just perfect, I turn into Coco. People love Coco(; haha.

If you hair is colored what do you use to do so?

I colored my hair twice before. I honestly do wish I never did but you can’t go back on that so my advice on hair color is really think about it before you do it. That being said I truly did like my purple hair but it straightened out a bit and took sometime to heal. My purple then turned into a light brown which I really love and not too long ago I used a magenta dye which made my light brown hair even browner and I loved it as well(: lol. Best results come from mistakes sometimes so go for it! Brand I used first time was Vidal Sasoon which does have harsh chemicals so be careful. Second time was ion color brilliance which has no ammonia or peroxide so it was a little safer. I need to learn your ways Tash! Hahah teach me!!!  Lol

* I got you 🙂

Sum up your natural hair journey in three words.

Best decision ever. Can’t think of anything else. My hair is so much more than just hair to me. Every inch it grows is a reflection of my growth as an individual, my natural big curly hair shows that I am me and I love who I am. So three words: Best. Decision. Ever.

Any advice to the natural newbies?

My advice to everyone starting they’re natural journey is to keep it simple. Healthy hair is NOT hard to maintain so stop making it hard. Have fun with it, trial and error, color, cuts, everything. Just don’t damage it haha. Love your hair, and it will love you back. Also moisturize; water is your friend(:


What was favorite compliment someone has ever given you on your hair?

I’ve had so many compliments and I’m one of those people who Loooove to receive them. I can’t say a favorite one because I love them all but I love hearing that I have so much hair, and when I overhear people talking in the background about my hair and then I turn around and say thank you!(: lol. A memorable one would be being asked by a girl to marry her and if not at least give her a child hahah! So many but I love the love.



If you could only watch one natural hair vlogger on youtube who would it be? why?

I don’t really watch YouTube videos. I only have for coloring hair and you could guess who’s page I went on to get some information on that (; hahah but I could watch Tash’s videos all day I have a new obsession with temporary hair dye and I really want to give It a try. How do you do it girl?! I failed terribly the other day hahah. <333


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Finish this sentence:

 I Rock My Natural because I love everything that comes with it. You have to have a certain kind of confidence to walk around with big hair and look good doing it. I’m not me if my hairs not big and curly, it amazes people’s curiosity and many wish they had our hair. It’s a testament to who we are. I’ve grown so much on this hair journey which is why I always say it’s not just hair, and that’s why I Rock My Natural.

Social Media 

I only have instagram so everyone could follow me @curlyyycoco

Keep Rockin COCO!!

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  • That’s a straight up roller set…. y’all really think this boy washed his hair and gelled it and it came out in bouncy separated curls???? Come on y’all lmao

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