Rockin Naturals: Shameka


Shameka Hairston, 26 from Greensboro, NC


Who or what Inspired you to go natural?

I decided to go natural because I was unhappy with the state of my relaxed hair. My relaxed hair was thin and broken off. Going back natural also gave me the sense of getting back to my roots.

Transition or big chop?
I transitioned for about 5 to 7 months.


What are your current hair goals?
My current hair goal is to continue retaining length and keep my hair healthy.

What are your top three products and prices?
1. Raw honey( part of my deep conditioning process ) $6.00
2. Jamaican black castor oil (original)$6.99
3. Shea moisture coconut and hibiscus curl and style milk $9.99 ( price varies depending on where you get it from.)


Do you have a favorite go to hair style?
My go to hair style is a puff because its easy and its perfect for when your having a bad hair day.

How do you protect your hair at night?
At night I wear a satin scarf and a satin bonnet. Just in case one wants to fall off at night.


Do you have a name for your hair?
I do not have a specific name for my hair but I do refer to it as “she”.

Is you hair colored?
My hair is not colored. I did do a rinse in the color jet black on hair a while back. I used the Beautiful Collection semi-permanent color by Clairol Professionals. That has all been washed out now.


Sum up your natural hair journey in three words:
1. Challenging
2. Rewarding
3. Beautiful

Advice for new naturals?
•Don’t get caught in buying products
•Be patient, it’s not an overnight process
•Realize that your hair is your hair and that it may not look like everyone else hair.


Do you have a favorite compliment you have ever received on your hair?
I love your hair

Favorite YouTube Vloggers:

Naptural85 and My natural sisters


Finish This Sentence:

I rock my natural because:
There’s no other way I’d rather be.


Keep Rockin Shameka!

Social Media

My instagram name is @ vintagelove4
Facebook is Shameka lovezbeingdifferent

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