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My name is LaShon Renee, I’m in my 30s, and live in Southern California. My full-time gig is working as a traveling notary but I also have fun selling jewelry in person and in my online through my boutique ( I started transitioning to natural hair in 2010 and I haven’t looked back.

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What or Who inspired you to go natural? Did you bc or transition?

 I was inspired to go natural after watching the movie Good Hair. I couldn’t believe I was putting those harsh chemicals in my hair! A friend then told me about the natural hair videos on Youtube and I was hooked. I transitioned for about two years before cutting off the remaining relaxer.


What are your current hair goals?

I want to maintain my healthy hair while growing my hair as long as possible. Hair growth was never a big deal to me but then I never realized it was possible to have waist length hair. Now I want to see if it is possible for me.


Top 3 products and prices.

I’m a fan of Deva Curl One Conditioner (32 oz. $33.99), As I Am Curling Jelly (16 oz. $23.99), and Shea Moisture’s Black Jamaican Castor Oil Intensive Strengthening Masque (12 oz. $14.24


Is there a product you have used that you would NEVER use again? Why? 

There are so many! I’m a recovering product junkie so I’ve tried A LOT. I really wasn’t a fan of Shea Moisture products until their Black Jamaican Castor Oil line. Their other products did nothing for me.


Do you have a favorite go to hairstyle?

Either a bun or a wash n’ go


How do you protect you hair at night?

I tie it up and I sleep on a satin pillow case.


Do you have a name for your hair or If you had to give your hair a name what would it be?

If I had to give my hair a name it would be bougie. My hair doesn’t like cheap products.


If your hair is colored what do you use to do so?

My color has almost grown out. It was done professionally about two years ago.


Sum up your natural hair journey in three words.

Fun, adventurous, exciting

Any advice to the natural newbies?

Realize that it’s called a journey for a reason and you will have ups and downs but don’t give up! The good days will outweigh the bad.

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What is your favorite compliment you have ever been given on your hair?

 Unfortunately, my memory is not that great but I do appreciate compliments from random people out of the blue. My hair was in a bun the other day and a woman said she liked my hair. That never happened when I was relaxed.


If you could tell your younger self NOW something about your natural hair THEN what would that be?

 I would definitely tell myself to go natural earlier. I wish I knew about wearing my hair natural earlier because I definitely would have done it. I was shocked when I realized I had curls. I remember liking Cree Summer’s hair as a kid and who knew I had hair like hers all this time! Even my mom was shocked.


Do you have a favorite YouTube Vlogger?  Do you have or plan on making your own youtube channel?

I don’t watch YouTube videos as much as I used to in the beginning of my journey but I used to be avid watchers of Mahogany Curls, CharyJay, Naptural85, and Taren Guy.

I thought about making my own videos but I’m not about that editing life. I am going to start posting videos on Periscope though because it’s simple and easy with no editing involved.


Name one thing your followers may be surprised to know about you. 

 That I lived in Alaska when I was a kid. It was only for a year and I was 4 but it makes for a cool fun fact.



Finish this sentence:

 I Rock My Natural because I’m cool like that, I’m fresh like that (Digable Planets reference)  and my hair lets me express who I am.


Rock on LaShon!!


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