Rock On Blue & Jaguar Green


I did a color combo very similar to this but I did a baby blue and green. This time around I decided to try Rock on Blue by Beyond the Zone and Jaguar Green by Jerome Russell.


Here is my hair prior to the spray:


Here is after:

image image image image image Day 2:

image image image

I have to admit that with these colors anytime you touch your hair it will get all over your hands the same as hair chalk does. It also will flake if you pick your curls out so be sure to wear dark colors and cover your countertops. The color will last until you shampoo it out but the more days you leave it in the less vibrant the color will look. This is why I usually will do this type of coloring on the weekend because my wash day is Sunday and I don’t leave the color in for two long.


  • kaylaamichelle

    Do you have a tutorial on the step by step process on how u apply the color??or do you just follow the directions on the box??

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