Rainbow Bright Curls

I was inspired by one of my fave hair color pages on Instagram @vividartistchairdesign who always has these¬† gorgeous rainbow color combo’s to try one of my own. Temporally of course lol

FullSizeRender (66)

I applied all the above colors to my hair in layers starting from the back. After applying one color I dried the color using a blow dryer and then applied a pomade on top of the sprayed color and then blow dried again. I continued doing this until all my hair was colored. The pomade will help the color from getting dry and hard and flaking and getting all over your clothes.

Here is a quick video of the Rainbow Curls:

IMG_6156 IMG_6152 IMG_6141_000 IMG_6149 IMG_6195 IMG_6169


  • The colors look fantastic but I was just wondering when you sprayed it, can you tell that its spray in person? It doesn’t look that way from the pictures but I was just curious. My hair is kind of frizzy and my curls aren’t as nice as yours so I’m feeling like it might come out weird if I sprayed it.

    • naturallytash

      If you spray your hair and then apply a pomade on top the color will not look like you just sprayed it on in person. If done correctly it will look like a good dye job!

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