Protective Styles and why I DON’T wear them

Protective Styles aka Braids, Weaves, Wigs, Clip in’s,etc…

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First let me say that I have nothing against protective styles or anyone that wears them.  I myself don’t wear them because when I went natural over 4 years ago I did so to embrace my hair both in its good, bad and even awkward stages. I went natural to show how proud I am of my coils and curls that the most high was so gracious to bless me with. And with that being said it almost seems backwards for me to cover up my hair with any type of wig, weave, or braids. If I felt the need to do a protective style I would simply twist, flat twist, roller set, bantu knot, braid or put up my own real natural hair instead of having to add any type of fake hair into my own. When I say I love my natural hair I really do mean it!

What I have noticed is that some women wear protective styles more than they wear their own actual natural hair and that to me does not show that you are proud of your natural hair. I know alot of women may wear protective styles until they are happy with the length or even texture of their hair and that is totally up to them. Let me just say this, you are free to do whatever you want to do with your hair, it is yours and yours alone. But you can’t claim to be all  #teamnatural and never ever show your actual natural hair. Isn’t that defeating the purpose of you going natural in the first place??

Another thing I have noticed is that a lot of social media “natural hair” pages are really feeding into protective styling. I say this because these same pages that claim to be all about natural hair actually show more pictures of women with natural hair weaves, wigs, braids or crochet braids MORE then they show pictures of women rocking their REAL natural hair. And then they show countless advertisements about buying natural hair weaves and wigs. It doesn’t matter if the wig or weave you wear/bought is “natural hair” its still not YOUR real natural hair. I find this to be very discouraging for women who may look to some of these natural hair pages as a source of inspiration to go natural or even remain natural themselves and only see photos of women with “protective styling”. It’s almost to the point now that you always have to question if its really their real hair or not cause you really can’t tell anymore.

It’s also very interesting how some of our more known Natural hair bloggers/vloggers/guru’s started out on the team natural tip and all about embracing your natural hair and being proud of it, but soon as their subscribers and likes went up and those natural hair weave/wig/clip in companies started sending them stuff for free or paying them to review their hair that all changed. Where is the integrity?? I have been approached by a few companies that wanted to send me some and I very respectably declined. Sometimes it’s not about getting something for free or the money or the likes or the shared posts but more about being honest to not only your followers but yourself as well.

When I first went natural there was a girl( whose name I won’t say) on Instagram whom I used to really follow and get inspiration from because her hair texture was a lot like mine and she gave me motivation to continue on my natural hair path. Three years later I came to find out that this girl was wearing clip in’s the entire time and it was such a disappointment to me. I had been following this girl for years only to find out I was lied to the entire time. It’s totally fine that she chose to wear clip in’s but its not cool that she allowed her followers to think that that was all of her hair. Seems a lot like false advertising to me!

To each is own and I am not writing this to put down women who do protective styles, but to uplift the natural hair women who don’t. My opinion is just that, MY opinion. Like I said before it is your hair to do whatever you see fit, and for me personally I don’t need to add any type of fake hair into my already natural hair cause to me that would make me a hypocrite and not really proud of my natural hair at all. I would rather have a bad hair day with my real natural hair then a good hair day with fake natural hair!

I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on this matter as well so please feel free to leave your comments below.


  • Naturally Tash I so agree with you. It seems to me that the emphasis of a lot of these “natural” hair bloggers/vloggers is on long hair. It kind of sends the message that natural hair is beautiful, but only if it’s long. Length is not always the goal for naturalistas. I often have bad hair days and guess what, I don’t really care. I love my natural hair and I actually proclaim it out loud… a lot. I have been relaxed, had locs and now at 47 I rock my natural hair at whatever stage it is and I love it. I probably get my hair braided about 3 times a year to give myself a break from having to comb it. I have what so many people call 4C hair and sometimes I feel like I need to take painkillers to comb it (lol), but I love my hair and don’t care if it ever grows any longer. By the way thanks for the unending inspiration. You’re awesome.

  • This is absolutely true. It’s why I stopped checking in on certain websites and I unsubscribed from certain YouTubers. In my eyes, if you’re going to go natural, you should be brave enough to bare your kinky mane out with no shame. I became a colored natural 3 years ago and have had my mane out since. My mother went natural recently, but still hides her hair under wigs.

    She recently asked me to color her hair and I told her yes on the condition that she bares her afro out for 1-3 days with no wig or hat. I’ll let you know when she responds. But these are just my thoughts; protective style your hair all you want. But show your hair texture as well.

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