One Product Sponge Roller Set w/ Adore Botanicals

I was sent some amazing products from Adore Botanicals so I decided to do a sponge roller set using only one product to set the curls with and I decided upon the High Definition Cream. It smells amazing, a little goes a long way and its not sticky at all.img_20161204_142239

I washed and conditioned my hair and then let it air dry. When it was almost completely dry I brushed it out before I started the rolling process.


I rolled my hair in med sized sections from the root down winding it around the roller the same you would do on a wand curler. I used two different size rollers (the jumbo pink and the med yellow) just to switch up the curl sizes.


I let the rollers sit in my hair overnight and used absolutely no heat. To speed up this process you could sit under a hooded dryer. The next day I took out the rollers with a little coconut oil on my finger tips to take them down.


I pulled each curl apart and then fluffed them up with a small afro pick.






These curls will last me a full week because they are so tight. All I have to do is sleep with a bonnet at night and apply a little oil to my fingers in the morning when I fix them. The adore botanicals high definition cream left my curls both soft and shiny and well defined.

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