Old School Rollers…New School Curls

I grew up using sponge rollers but I always rolled my hair from the ends up which created really tight old school looking curls. I had an idea to wrap my hair around the sponge rollers like you would a wand curler or rod set curlers. I had this idea because I like to do rod sets overnight and sleeping on rod curlers is no easy sleep which is what made me think to use the sponge rollers because I can sleep with them in much, much better.


Lottabody Love Me 5n1 Miracle styling crème Lottabody Wrap Me Foaming Mousse Amla Legend Rejuvenating Oil I applied each product to each section before rolling. Keep in mind it doesn’t matter what order you put the products in.

I used over 20 of these type of sponge rollers

Here is my hair all rolled up:

untitled (2)


I let the rollers sit in my hair overnight and took them out in the morning. I did not start on wet hair, I let my hair air dry and then blew it out before rolling

Here is how it looked when I took the rollers out:





Here are the curls pulled apart:

IMG_1870 IMG_1934 IMG_1926



These curls lasted me almost a full week. I actually still had tight curls when I went to wash my hair. At night I preserved my curls with a satin oil infused bonnet and fluffed out the curls in the morning.

Prior to me doing this sponge roller set I had did it before but I only used 10 rollers and this is how that one came out:


With less rollers you get more of a wave effect instead of a really tight curl

IMG_1835 IMG_1840

After a few days of rocking the rod set I decided to add a little color tattoo in painted purple to the tips to achieve a two tone effect. Here are the results of that:



Because of the overwhelming response to these sponge roller curls I will be filming a video on how I use these really soon so stay tuned!!!!

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