Natural Rockers You May Not Know But Should: Jada

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA1. Tell me a little about yourself.

My name is Jada Mosely and I am from the DMV area. I am a shampoo assistant at a hair salon and I have been natural for a year.

2. What or Who inspired you to go natural? Did you bc or transition?

I started going through a phase where I liked dying my hair, but I had a relaxer so that was too much damage on my hair and I went natural. I transitioned for 2 years then finally cut my hair.

3. Top three products and prices.
As I Am Coconut CoWash: $8.00, Miss Jessie’s Multicultural Curls: $16.00, Design Essentials Daily Moisturizing Lotion: $13.00
4. Fave go to hairstyle.jadamosely_1

My favorite style is my flexi rod set

5. Have you tried hair shadowing?

I have never tried hair shadowing, but I would love to try it!

6. Sum up your natural hair journey in three words.

Impatient, long, exciting

jadamosely_37. Any advice to the natural newbies?

Be careful and be patient when going natural. Also if you have long hair do not do a big chop, just wait until most of your hair grows out.

Finish this sentence: I Rock My Natural because…

I rock my natural because it makes me feel beautiful and free.

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