Natural Rockers You May Not Know But Should: Melange

Introduction My name is Melange!! I’m a 30 yr/old registered nurse from Baltimore, MD. image What or Who inspired you to go natural? Did you bc or transition? It’s been about 2years for my natural hair journey, which was completely unplanned lol… I was always the ‘relaxer chic’!!! My mother started the hot comb and/or ‘Just for Me’ kits when I was a little girl & I continued in that fashion well into my adulthood. Somewhere in my mid-late 20s I became addicted to short hair & adored my pixie cut!!! As time went on I took a little more from the pixie cut, then a little more, until I went clippers & barbershop mode. (And LOVED it). Easiest & most low maintenance hair ever – just get to the barbershop before all the men get there!! Lol… So, one week I miss my barbershop appointment, which turns to two. Low & behold – I see cute little curls forming!!! I couldn’t believe it- I had never known my own curl pattern!!! One of my good girlfriends had already been natural for a few years by this time so she encouraged me to let it grow – I haven’t looked back since! image (6) Top three products and prices. I’ll admit- I can be a product junkie, always trying/buying new items. But the few I keep stocked are: As I Am Coconut cowash ($9) Eco Styler Gel w/ Olive Oil ($5) Giovanni’s Smooth as Silk deep conditioner ($8) image (1)   Fave go to hairstyle. When my hair was shorter I was a huge fan of fingercoils/Coilouts. Now that its grown – Perm rods are my fav! (Hate the hrs spent under dryer lol but love the results) and Twist outs!!   If you had to give your hair a name what would it be? As for a name- I sometimes refer to her as BlondieSue image (3)   If you hair is colored what do you use to do so? I leave the bleaching up to the professionals!! I have two friends that are great cosmetologists! So when it’s time for the roots to be lightened, I call either one & get an appointment. In the summer I like to go volume 30, during winter months we keep the roots more of a golden blonde.     Sum up your natural hair journey in three words. Full Of Versatility image (1) Any advice to the natural newbies? 1. Find what works for your hair!! 2. Embrace your own curl and texture (hair crushes are awesome but it took me a lot to understand that certain hair patterns/types would never be mine- and it’s all good!!!) & last but not least 3. MOISTURIZE!!! Coming from relaxers – it was difficult for me to grasp the concept of how much moisture my natural hair really needed! I remember feeling like a Brillo pad until I adapted the LOC method lol… image (2) What was favorite compliment someone has ever given you on your hair? “Your hair is like perfection, the curls & color, can I touch it?” – Caucasian lady during a trip to Canada image (4) If you could only watch one natural hair vlogger on youtube who would it be? why? Ugghhh, It’s so hard to pick one vlogger! I find new ones everyday as i search, grow & discover different aspects of my journey. But Yolanda Renee is almost always a wealth of information!!! image Finish this sentence: I Rock My Natural because It rocks all on its own, I’m just here to enjoy the journey 🙂 image (2)   Social Media links IG @meme_melange

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