Natural Mancandy: Sven Soares

 Name: Sven Soares


 Age:  31

 Location: Luxembourg

Occupation: Dancer/Model/Photographer


Hobbies: Dancing / Photography/Motorbike/Fitness/Exploring

How do you feel about women who rock their natural hair? I Love it! I think black women should be proud of their hair and stop trying to define European beauty standards as being “beautiful” we got our own genes and we need to accept ourselves as we are Africans/ Black or Colored or whatever …

What do you use on your hair? I’m really bad with taking care of my hair to be honest .. but i put oils (argan)

What tip could you give on staying in shape? eat clean and healthy and do sports regularly

Describe your perfect date: a perfect date is when i feel totally free and feel the person in front of my accepts me completely for who I am.

Social media links (dancer/model) (photographic work)


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