Natural Mancandy: Steven

Steven Donte Johnson
Alexandria VA
stevens port 025
Basketball, Football,  working out and drawing
How do you feel about women who rock their natural hair?
I love me a natural queen! Nothing better in the world!
What do you use on your hair?

When i had locs I used Shea butter hair products. Now i rock a low curly bush. I use mousse and a’rome oil hair products. They can be found at

What tip could you give on staying in shape?

Stay consistent with a good mix of cardio and lifting. be patient, Rome wasn’t built over night. Results will show if you work hard.

Describe your perfect date 

Something shes never done before. keep it exciting & sexy. just be yourself, honest & thoughtful. The rest should fall in place.

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 Facebook @ on IG  @steveoback 

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