Natural Mancandy: John Coss

johncoss_31. Name

John Coss

2. Age


3. Location

Lubbock, TX

4. Occupation

Full time student at Texas Tech University, Model & Undefeated Bodybuilder


I personally love to workout. I am usually playing basketball or football when I am not studying.

6.How do you feel about women who rock their natural hair?

I love seeing black women embrace their natural hair. Being natural is more than a fashion statement, being natural is the first step away from conformity. This movement is powerful and is teaching the black community to love yourself no matter what others may think. With that being said, any sista with natural hair will receive my love and respect.

7. What do you use on your hair?

I simply use coconut oil on my hair.


8. What tip could you give on staying in shape?

Focus on your eating habits. Being healthy is the most important thing. When you correct your diet everything improves.  Its a common misconception that you can no longer enjoy a snack or some McDonalds when your trying to improve your diet. This is incorrect. These things are acceptable in MODERATION, meaning don’t over indulge. Enjoy 2 cupcakes not the whole box.johncoss_1

9.Describe your perfect date

The perfect date for me is mostly about the conversation we have rather than the setting in which it takes place. It can be a candle lit dinner, walk in the park, or even a night out at the local restaurant. I simply enjoy stimulating conversation.

10. Where can you be found? 

Instagram: @jaycoss
Facebook: John Coss

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