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I’m Jamal B.


I just turned 25


I reside in good ole dc.


My occupation, I do it all. Lol. I cook for this catering company and I work for a transportation company in MD.

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My hobbies range from fighting with my son, sitting in the park and eating Twizzlers, to writing and reciting poetry. I can’t draw but I try though and I’m getting better at my guitar skills. I go with the flow of life, you know ?

How do you feel about women who rock their natural hair?

I love women who wear their natural hair, from bush to braids, locs to bald heads, I’m all for it.

What do you use on your hair?

I use Taliah waajid, mango lime gel, and this other stuff I found a couple weeks ago. I’ll be trying more natural remedies that I’ve pick up and I’ll let you know how they work when I do.


What tip could you give on staying in shape?

A tip that I could give to stay in shape is keep active and make h2o your best friend.

Describe your perfect date

A perfect date is anything where I’ll leave relaxed. We could catch an eagles game, take some shots and get some Thai food (because I love Thai food). We could go movie hopping, paint balling, laser tagging, streaking, and play kickball. If I’m enjoying myself I’m fine with whatever.


10. Where can you be found? (social media links)
 I can be found on tumblr (thedrunkenenigma) & on ig (@subtlereconstruction)

Check out My Jewelry at :

Check out my book at:


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