Natural Mancandy: Jae LaPree


Jae LaPree



Age: 21
Location: Seattle, WA
Single? Taken?
I’m single but mind & heart is taken.
If single what do you look for in a significant other?
In a person I look for a smile that smile that will clear my mind of any negativity when I see it. Someone who seems just as interested in my life as I am theirs. Also no matter what’s going on I can talk to, and although their advice might not change anything… I can see that they were attentive and I will return the same.
I’m a model and work as a banker as my daily job.
I’m always looking for new music, swimming, studying on other models, cooking, and fashion.
How do you feel about women who rock their natural hair?
Women who rock their natural hair I cant help but to appreciate & respect because they’re 100% okay with themselves and aren’t worried about importing hair from here or there but are content with what they were blessed with.
What are your top 3 products you use in your hair?
I use Cantu leave in conditioner after I use Organix Dead Sea Mineral Shampoo & Conditioner. I don’t have 3 because if my name was to be behind a product… Cantu & Orangix would be it.
How do you protect your hair at night?
At night I put my hair up in a loose bun and allow my hair to breathe. Which means my hair won’t be bunched up in the morning and hard to untangle
How do women usually react to your hair?
Women’s reaction to my hair is usually “Can I touch it?” Or “Is all that hair really yours?” Or “Omg! What do you use in your hair?!”
What tip could you give on staying in shape?
My advice on staying fit… I need help myself lol
Somebody give me a meal or workout plan or something!
Describe your perfect date 
A perfect date to me would be a fair. I love a good thrill and a taste of food that you can only find at a fair.
Name one thing people might be surprised to know about you. 
I smile a lot more then people see in my pictures. I’m very humble and easy to approach if you look page my mean resting face lol
Keep Rockin Jae!!
Social media
You can find me on IG & Twitter:  @Blatino_LaPreee

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